Happy Birthday Stoma

Happy Birthday Stoma

10 years ago today I awoke from surgery for a first recurrence to find that I had a stoma.

I was very fearful for my future as I had been told that it was likely I would recur again. Plus, with the new plumbing arrangements, I wondered if I would ever be able to go out in polite company again without disgracing myself.

I have recurred again since then and on occasion I have disgraced myself in public with funny noises or smells coming from the birthday girl ;) but I am still here. I never would have thought that I could go swimming again, but I do, and I am now brave enough to wear a bikini, despite the massive scar.

I am now in my 16th year fighting this disease and currently in remission again. I never regret having the surgery; it saved my life. What I regret are the times in my life when I have found myself overwhelmed by my situation and wasted precious time worrying about the future, worried about dying, when I should have been living life to the fullest.

Take care all of you good luck and live each day to the full. :)


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  • Wow you are an inspiration and I salute you in your positive attitude.16 years is wonderful and long may you be blessed with remission Love Lynn xxxx

  • Just wanted to say go girl you have made my day as I have been a bit negative of late, but after reading your post you have made me kick myself up the bum and get my positive head back on! x Pamx

  • What a fabulous post.


  • HI Vicky what a positive attitude you have sent out to all of us on here. This is what we need to see more of at the minute. I love the photo you are totally inspiring, thanks for sharing

  • Thank you for such a positive and uplifting story. Great photo and the bikini really suits your skin tone.

  • Thank you for a positive and uplifting post (and a great photo!). I am seeing a surgeon on Thursday this week to request further surgery for me and leaving me with a stoma is always a possibility. To hear how well you have coped with it is heartening.

    Sending you best wishes


  • Thank you for your post. It is very inspirational. I fully intend to follow your example. Great photo.xxx

  • Thank you! Brilliant, inspirational story and gorgeous photo! Xxxx

  • You are a great inspiration ! i loved your photo , loved your story and immencely admire your spirit . you give all of us courage to fight and not be gripped with fear !

  • Fab picture and what a journey, you are an inspiration!!

  • Dear Vicky

    What an amazing and uplifting post. You have always inspired me with your positive thoughts and actions.

    What a lovely photo. It said it all - sun, relaxation and happiness. Thanks so much for sharing. xxx Annie

  • Hi Vicky.

    You wear your "Badge" with pride girl, you have brightened my day and many of us as well. I to will take strength from you. What a lovely picture, I remember when I could fit into a "Bikini" (68yrs young now) lol. Love Trish x x

  • Lovely picture and truly inspirational and uplifting story. Something we all need here. Was feeling very down Saturday as got Consultants appointment today and its always traumatic as she never gives me any hope. Feel like whooping her now...

  • Wow, what an inspirational post. Happy Birthday Stoma and may you have many more. Ann xo

  • Amazing post and so inspiring, I will remember your words about less worry and more living.

    There is an old saying that " you should live everyday as your last, but plan to live for ever" that applies to the whole human race.

    Good luck with your treatments, Trix

  • You are just what the doctor ordered for me today, not feeling too good over the weekend thank you, and many more birthdays. Love Bridie xxx

  • Hi Vicky.

    Great picture . Great attitude to life and a great reminder to live life to the full.

    Thank you. Val

  • Great,great picture-good for you.I have always been embarrassed about my scar-14inches-should now wear it with pride!Thanks for the inspiration to all!

  • You are truly inspirational, you have a such positive attitude, I wish you great health for the future, love the photo too, God bless you!

    Maria xxx

  • It never fails to amaze me when I see positive posts like yours, brilliant photo!

    Thanks for the hope.

    Madeline x

  • Congratulations!!!! How well you have spoken. A true inspiration. Here's to many many more years of such positive living. Loved the photo xx

  • Happy Birthday :) What a wonderful positive post. Go go Girl!

  • Hi Vickyem,

    Thank you for such a positive and inspiring post. We all feel lost and scared at times but you are living proof of all you have overcome and still enjoying life.

    Long may it continue.


    Aemi x

  • Blooming heck girl, you are an inspiration!

    Thank you thank you thank you for such a wonderful post, a few written lines have done wonders to so many people.


  • Wow, you are amazing, I will certainly be modelling myself on you minus the bikini , I need more substantial coverage.

  • Fantastic photo, fantastic post and flipping brilliant sentiment 😉. Hooray for Vicky!!

    Thanks so much for making my (and lots of other ladies') day and reminding us all there is always hope. 😀

    Bless you.

    Lots of love

    MB xxx

  • Amazing post, well done you!! Really uplifting and an inspiration to us all. Thank you for sharing.


    Annette xxx

  • What a fantastic, uplifting post, Vicky. You'll have given so many people hope and it will help them look at things differently. Here's to your Stoma 's twentieth birthday. Love the bikini, too.

    Love Solange

  • Thank you so much for this post Vicky! I've seen my consultant today, it looks like I have a recurrence on the abdominal wall, and I'm having surgery on Thursday. I really needed your inspiration. Keep well. xxxx

  • Wow 16 years!! That is so inspiration to all of us. Happy birthday to stoma :) i know how u feld when u found out u have stoma. I had emergancy op year and half ago and same as u woke up with mrs stoma. Noises and going to toilet in somebodys toilet are biggest worry but mrs stoma saved my life. Without her i wouldnt be here ... So lets say again happy birthday to your stoma :):)


  • Wow - look at you! I am so comforted by this photo. I've been told I will have a stoma after my op on 10th June because the ovarian cancer is also in my colon. I thought I would have to say goodbye to bikinis. We have a house in Spain and so I spend half my life in bikinis. I thought it would be swimsuits from now on. Would love hear any other tips you have.

    Love from Sarah x

  • I am so reassured by this photo. I have been told that I will have a stoma after my op on 10th June for Stage 3/4 ovarian cancer as it has spread into my colon. At the moment I spend half the year in our house in Spain and so live in bikinis. I thought I would be saying goodbye to them. Do you have any more tips re. a stoma?

    Sarah x

  • Just liked to say. Your an inspiration to me at the start of this journey. Xx

  • Ps I intend to get your body too!! Beautiful 💪

  • Amen to that and so happy for you!

    Pat 👍💕

  • Wow what a brilliant post.

    I've been feeling pretty low but honestly your post is an inspiration and give each of us massively hope.

    Your looking tanned and relaxed.

    Very brave woman.

    Thank you xx

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