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Marathon chemo took over 12 hours but went fine!

Yesterday went fine, but was it a long day! We were 12.5 hours at the hospital! But the good news it was nicely boring. I've had too many exciting days during chemo, and trust me, I like boring! Mind you, the actual treatments only took 10 hours, it was the waiting for them to get started and disconnected when I'd finished that took the extra time, but by his time the day unit was closed, so I had been transferred to the wards to finish off Now it's sit back and see how it grabs me! Hopefully not too bad, I always write down how I feel in my diary,even if its trivial, so I can see if there is anything I need to discuss with he onc, it also helps for he next cycle, as I then know what to expect and when!


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Hi ChrisH, my last chemo took nearly that long, as you say it is the waiting for them to come to you when everyone is bleeping! I had to have a lot of fluid on the pump which took most of the time, and measuring my pee, excuse the term, to be sure my kidney function was ok. I had the 1st two on the ward but I tolerated it quite well so went to the day unit after that. It is good if you can get some sleep but sitting all day long is tiring, well done, love Diane xxx


Hi Chris,

Ooooh I completely trust you I like boring as well LoL ...but relax now and soak up the boredom sending you my best wishes love x G x :-) a smiley or two to cheer :-) :-)


I'm astonished at everything you've had to go through - and having to wait between infusions as well. Our Day Unit is incredibly busy - 10 chairs and 1 bed, and another unit has 20 chairs and 2 beds. We never have to wait for the nurse to come and unplug us. They do it straight away. I didn't have my pee measured either. I used to hate that pump. Just as soon as I was plugged up I wanted to go for a wee.

I have seen a new gadget they have instead of 3 cooling caps. It's like an old-fashioned hair drier that goes over your head and it keeps the scalp cool for as many hours as it takes to administer the chemotherapy.

My last treatment went wrong and the chemotherapy mix spilled out all over my trousers. There was such a palaver and a doctor was rushed in to look at me. Apparently this stuff is just bleach. That's what Professor Evans said. It must be diluted as it didn't take the colour out of my jeans.

I'm going to ask about dose-dense weekly Taxol next time as Professor Gabra said that was proving very effective.

How I wish I were like you ladies and could tolerate a bit of boredom. It would have made life so much easier.

xxx Good anyway that you're back home and comfy again. Annie


Hi Annie

I had dose dense weekly taxol last year. Side effects were minimal, tiredness mainly,bit of nausea. The worst part wasgoing every week for 18 weeks, felt I was never away from the place.

It brought my ca125 down from 4000 to 380 but by only got 5months before it had climbed again to 1200 with further spread showing on ct. I have multiple small sites sometimes I wonder if chemo works better on a larger area.

love Suex


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