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worried about dental work, not as bad as throught 😀

Hi, Ladies finally had my dental work done yesterday ,I have a break of chemo so I could have it done, over the last 3 years chemo had done damage to the bones around my teeth and some were loose, I was so lucky with the dentist he manged to save some but I had to have 5 out and a plate made.

I had myself so worked up as I was worried my platelets were too low and it would not stop bleeding, the dentist was great he called my oncologist to check it was ok and also called to my GP and as he took out a teeth he stitched the gum so as to minimize bleeding,

As he was working away he was humming I said you are enjoying this he replied yes. I don't think he has too many patients needing so much work.

He said I might have trouble with the pain once the anaesthetic wore off I took endone every 4 hours and managed to get some sleep.

Now to day I'm feeling good little pain and can hardly Waite to eat a hamburger🍔🌭🍟 as I could not when my teeth were lose.

Take care everyone,,Lorrainexx

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Great it went well.... enjoy freedom eating again!


Thank you Mac, it's been a hard few months trying to eat I'm glad it's over..Lorraine xx


Well done Lorraine ! you now have more to look forward to - hamburgers, toffee etc... and the best thing is you have got it out of the way. Yay!

Xx Netti xx


HI Metti. yes just a couple more days and i will get my husband to take me out for a feast,it's been hard to eat the last few month the only advantage was I lost weight.

you know this site and all you ladies has become a big part of my treatment I hope you get the same feeling,,take care Lorraine xx


Great to hear it went well and hope you remain pain free and enjoy the hamburger 😀 I am anxious about going to the dentist after my last Avastin next week . Gums bleed at the slightest touch so your post has given me some confidence. Thankyou Kim x 💜


Hi KIm, I was so anxious that my platelets would be so low that i would bleed and he would not be able to stop it. about 6 weeks ago my platelets were 47 and my oncologist said they would have to be at least 100, I have been offered this trial which starts next week so it was now or never, lucky my platelets are 146 but was still anxious as I knew he was taking teeth out.

Do you know your platelets?

I'm sure your dentist would be aware how to treat someone on treatment.

I'm so glad now I did go ahead with it, I hope all goes well with you keep us informed.

Take care Kim Lorraine xx


Thanks Lorraine .

I don’t know my platelets but will check with my oncology team at my app in Feb which will be a month after my last Avastin so hopefully everything will be ok and I will have no excuse not to go to the dentist.

Good luck with the trial .

Love Kim x 💜


Hi Kim, Do go ahead with the dental work it's worth it, funny with all the treatments we have gone through we are still afraid of the dentist. Take care my friend Lorraine xx

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So pleased it's all over, Lorraine. Enjoy your burger. Make it an extra large one. Zena xx


Hi Zenaj, Yes a burger with the works, I'm so sick of soft food.

I hope you are as well as can be and your search trial is going to work out, lets us know how it goes.

Lorraine xx


I've had flu, like so many others and just can't shift a cough. I don't usually get coughs or chest problems but I think I've got an infection this time. Nothing much on the big scale of things.

I've filled out the questionnaire for the trial and will be having the blood test on Tuesday. I expect that will be the last I'll hear from it. I don't mind doing trials as it could help someone.

I'm still waiting for the BRCA test results. It could be another couple of months yet. I've seen headlines that BRCA positive people are at no more risk of developing cancer than anyone else. If that's the case I wonder if they'll bother to do any more BRCA tests. I'll have to look into it further.

It's a bright, sunny day here today but I'm freezing as usual. Can't wait for summer.

Best wishes, Zena xx


Hi Zena, I hope the blood test goes well ,I'm off to the meeting tomorrow to see if I what to go into this new trial, I must admit I'm not sure what to do, It's a new drug and the unknown that worries me.

With the BRAC test I think if you are positive it gives you more opinions on treatment.

We are just coming into our summer and we have had 47c ( well over 100F) February being our hottest month,

Here in Australia February is ovarian cancer month and we have a big morning tea at my local shopping center.

Take care Zena and keep warm Lorraine xx😎


Thanks Lorraine,

I don't think we have an ovarian cancer month here. It's a great idea.

You're right about the options for treatment if the BRCA comes back positive. Because it's been nearly 5 years clear for me I doubt anything will be found quick enough for any treatment as after 5 years they say goodbye and good luck. It's something I've worried about. They keep saying I'm lucky I'm still here, and I am, but it doesn't give me confidence for the future.

Hope you decide soon whether to do the trial or not. It is hard when it's a new drug. I've only done paid trials in the past if the drug had already been tested. The trial I've done for ovarian cancer didn't involve different drugs, just different times of giving it so that was easy for me to decide especially as they monitored me more often.

Best wishes, Zena xx


Hi Zena, Just home from the meeting and I've decided to go ahead with the trial. The drug is a new one called Cantrixil

I posted the information if you are interested.

Do not think 5 years might be the end new treatments are coming and no one can say 5 years is the normal, I was told when I was diagnose I would not see the year out 3 years later I'm still here and so are you.

I do understand you feeling you might only have 2 years left that's not going to happen, we will still be corresponding years from now.Take care of yourself Lorraine xx😎

ps this drug is aimed at ladies with recurrence ovarian cancer.


Thanks Lorraine, it's useful to know there are new drugs out there which could be good for us all.

I had my blood test today and I must say it felt weird taking it to the post office to send off to the hospital rather than them dealing with it all.

I doubt I'll hear anything now but I've done all I can do.

I'm glad you decided to do the trial, I would have (because I can't help myself, I'm a definite yes person).

Good luck with it and keep me informed.

I'm looking into holidays for next year. I'd love to come to Australia but the spiders put me off. I have a friend in Walcha, New South Wales. They come over here quite a bit, luckily, or I'd never see them.

Keep me up with your news. I've been baby sitting for 12 hours today and I'm exhausted. I love him to bits but I forget how old I am.

Best wishes, Zena xx


It’s great you are feeling better, the chemo did all sorts of horrors to my teeth too, I had to have 4 teeth removed and my dentist was fabulous too, my pain was minimal and I think he found it interesting to chat about the chemo and it’s long term effects.

Look forward to that burger, it somehow makes it all worthwhile and a little more like normality too. Take care you too lovely ❤️Xx Jane


Hi Jane, It does make a big differences having a good dentist mine was also very interested in my cancer treatment and when I went back arfter my first appointment, he had downloaded all this information on ovarian cancer and the different chemos that was one of the reasons I decided to go with him.

I have fantasized about this burger it better be good, maybe I'll make my own with the works.

Look arfter yourself love Lorraine xx 🎉

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It’s really reassuring when they’re on board with us isn’t it? scary as dentists are they’re still nice sometimes 😂. You too take care love ❤️Xx Jane


Lorraine you’ve just given me the courage to make an appointment, I have 5 loose teeth post chemo.

Ellsey xx


HI Ellsey Go ahead, to day is only 2 days arfter the dental work and I feel fine it was so hard to eat with the loose teeth😀..Lorraine xx


So glad it went well and that it is over. Now for eating!


Wow 5 out in one go! That’s really brave but glad it went well. I too needed an extraction and had to wait for bloods to get back to within normal limits before the dentist would pull out the offending tooth but it all healed well with just a bit of tenderness for a week or so! Such a relief to get rid of the nagging ache! Enjoy that burger! Xx


Hi Jane, Glad you managed to get your dental work fixed, yes I was a bit worried about having so much done in one go but I have a meeting about this new trial tomorrow and if I go for it they will put the port in Thursday, so I just had that few days to have the dental work done, I'm fine now not quite ready for the burger but soon.

How are you going, I know Caelyx gave you some good results I hope this is still ok ..Take care Lorraine xx💙


Hi Lorraine

I hear good things about ports so hope that goes well for you - I think I would try for one when I next have chemo! I am just having a rest from it for a while after 2 years of constant treatment and feeling a bit less tired now, even managed a walk in the hills yesterday which was glorious!

Keeping everything crossed for you that the trial goes really well!

Love and hugs

Jane x


Hi Jane I've just got home from the meeting about the trail and I'm going to go ahead with it, Thursday I go in for the port and next week the new drug

I have a port for my chemo I Love it, I've had it for over 2 years and I would recommend one.This new port will go into the stomach and the drug will be wash straight into the area that covers ovarian cancer.

I'm glad you are having a nice break from chemo 2 years of constant chemo is hard on the body and mind.

Do take care of yourself Love Lorraine💙 xx


Hope you are enjoying your new teeth Lorraine!

When do you resume chemo?

Best wishes Dawn


Hi dawn . I'm not going back on chemo I was to have it on 5th of February but my oncologist has put my name in for a new trial and I start that on Monday.I must abmite I'm a bit worried about going off chemo my history is as soon as I stop chemo it goes up,, hopefully this new drug will give me more time and that is what we all wont and deserve..take care lorraine xx


You sure have been through the wringer. Glad the dentist was good to you.


Hi Love, It's been about a week now and I will get the stitches out Monday and I'm sure a burger will be on the menu.

How is your Mum? Tell her not to give up. I'm starting a trial next week for a new drug and I must admit I was scared , it's new it may work or not but I feel there are still options and I'm on my 5th line of treatment in 3 years it's been hard but I've had 3 more Christmas with my lovely family, so tell her there are option plus she can also go for second opinion,

I had 2 and it may me feel better about the treatment I was having and other ladies on this site have had good results from second opinion,,Take care of yourself and Mum..Lorraine xx


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