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Coffee morning at the pub

Hi well we did our coffee morning yesterday at work ( I work in a Vintage Inn restaurant) and raised the grand sum of £580.00 which I was over the moon with. All the staff either donated a cake or a raffle prize and some of us gave our services free of charge. It was hard work but worth it. My boss was very good in letting us use the pub and giving us tea and coffee so a big thanks to Mark. Its the first time I have been involved with a Macmillan coffee morning as I was only diagnosed in May this year but hopefully I will be doing it again next year. Love to everyone Babs x x x

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Great news Babs..well done...thinking of you love x G x :-) :-D


Well done Babs! A terrific effort from all that were involved. Maybe next March you will be involved in the Tea Party fundraiser, or something for Ovacome. It's so hard to support all the causes that deserve it, isn't it? Anyway, just to let you know, I just quoted you on a recent post about chemo. Someone who is worried about it all.

Also, I am not sure when your op is. I just wanted to send you good thoughts and hugs and wishes. When do you go in? If its soon, let me know and I will be thinking of you. You have contributed so much in support, encouragement and ideas, I really admire your resilience and positive approach.

Love Wendy xx


Hi Wendy, what a lovely post I read it and thought what a wonderful site Ovacome is. When I am feeling a bit low there is always someone to lift me up, and when Im feeling great there is always someone to join in with my happy thoughts.

My operation is on Monday 8th October. I had my pre-op assessment last Wed and the doctor phone yesterday to say all is well but my white blood count is a bit low. Im going to have the op at Maidstone and I have every faith in them. Im having a TAH and SBO in the words of Les Dawson Im having it all out ( For those of us old enough to remember Les Dawson).

Give me a reminder next year re the Ovacome fundraising as once Im over the operation I will be doing a lot of partying, got 8 months of fun to make up.

Lots of Love Babs x x x


Dear Babs, brilliant new about your fundraising. £580 is a huge sum to raise,and as you say, good of your boss to provide the tea and coffee. How many people came? It must've been quite a big affair.

This is the first Macmillan coffee morning I've missed in years. I'm in France this week but I thought of you all.

All the best for 8 October and all the partying afterwards. You might have to take easy at first! Xxx love Annie


Well done, Babs! Your fundraising really was worth the effort.

Good luck, again for the 8th!

Love and prayers



Hi Babs, that was a fantastic amount to raise, well done and good luck on 8th, I had mine on Aug 9th and it was nowhere near as bad as I had anticipated.

Best wishes

Chris xx


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