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Coffee and cakes are very dull!

Having raised money for Ovacome in my yard sale last July I decided to take part in the Big Coffee Morning for MacMillan this week! I do not, however, 'do' cake and coffee making requires a lot of effort to make fresh coffee all the time. Add to this the fact that most of my friends prefer evening socialising, with a little alcoholic lubricant, so I had an alternative coffee morning in the form of a Pate Wine & Cheese evening. My wonderful friends helped me to raise £336 for MacMillan (those wonderful nurses who support us all) and we had a great time!

Today I am exhausted of course but so satisfied with the result. The wine Pate cheese and bread cost £57, which I donated along with the plates, napkins, plastic cutlery and raffle tickets (a further £7.50). I feel very grateful to all those who supported the evening, donated raffle prizes, and were prepared to bay for plastic cheese and wine from a wine box!

Basking in the warm glow of a job well done!


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Congratulations margaret - a job well done. I'm sure that everybody had there different take on a 'coffee morning '. Unfortunately I couldn't even get to be as I spent the day in hospital

, but I think I would have preferred your version!


I hope that the hospital visit went well! It is 2 years since I was last well enough to do an alternative "coffee Morning" in 2010 I had a Pimms Afternoon and "surprise" raffle. As it was summer and I used the yard I raised £400 that time!

I really enjoyed last night despite the fact that I eat neither pate nor cheese, or bread come to that! And was off alcohol yesterday having had a tooth out in the morning.

Thinking of you!



Dear Margaret

Well done. Macmillan have done a great job in thinking of something very simple that can be done across the UK at the same time. Coffee Mornings can be as small or grand as one likes and it's also a filip to be part of the 'biggest coffee morning in the world'. I'm a lady after your own heart - I join in and make cakes if someone's organising something for charity - but my own preference would have been to join you at your pate, wine and cheese evening. It's briliant you helped to raise funds for Macmillan.

I wonder if we could all start up another blog to think of something we could arrange to help support Ovacome - and to raise awareness of the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer. I'm thinking of what we could do in March which is Ovarian Cancer month. Does anyone else think that's a good idea - to get together over a blog. We have a unique tool here - to think of something similar that we can all join in from our local area and enjoy - something to bring us all together in our various parts of the UK. I for one don't mind the idea of holding a replica of your get-together in York - and it's easy enough to set up.

What does everyone think? Anyone got any ideas? Should we start a new blog?



Great idea Annie. I baked some cakes for the Macmillan coffee morning but would love to raise some money specifically for Ovacome/OC awareness. Let me know I can be of help in setting something up. Would be nice to organise a fundraising event of our own.



What a good idea Annie! Can You set up the blog?



Hi Margaret

Glad your evening went well. That was a really good amount to raise.

I think Annie's idea is a great one- there must be a way we can do it collectively.



So do I! I have already spread the word among my friends that I shall be doing something similar in March!


I held a coffee morning too for mc millan on friday .wore no bandana and a t shirt saying bald but beautiful .I got 23 ballot prizes donated and we had a fun filled morning.I raised 700pounds for mc millan .so was really pleased..Have 17th. chemo in morning and just one more to go , this round anyway!xxx


Wow! Well done! Bernard, a Friend who came on Friday, moved his coffee morning to next week so that the same group could attend between us we hope to top £1K, he will get more people at his as he is expecting people to pass through rather than stay!

Well done with the T shirt too! I never had a problem with being bald though others did! After all my 46 year old son is bald and hs won't grow back! LOL!

Good luck with the chemo!



Well done Margaret. Great amount raised and a brilliant way to raise it. Shame you couldn't drink!

I was in hospital as well Friday so couldn't attend any myself but my sons school had one so I sent donations with him.

I love the idea of us all joining together next march to do something. We'll have to get our thinking caps on for what we could do.

Hugs Jackie xxx


The money has just gone up by another £5 as one of the guests has just called in with £5 for the left over cheese!

£344 total raised!

Love M


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