Coffee Morning!

Evening all! Just to say it was great to see all the lovely ladies that came to the Coffee Morning this morning in Dublin! There was a great turnout and it was great to put names to faces and talk about our experiences! It really does make a big difference to know there are others and to meet up every now and again!!

Thanks to Juliet/Jeanetta for chasing it up and Sharon and Ruth for organising! Hope you all got home ok and I hope to see you all again soon! Good luck to all who are in treatment or about to be and also to those out the other side and getting back to new normal!!!

Onwards and Upwards!!


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  • It was great to meet you all wonderful Ladies. I really enjoyed the meeting and I think was far to short. I really hope to meet you all up soon again and chat more. We are a special family, we understand each other and we are support for each other. Who else will understand us more. Please keep in touch. Loves, Zaneta, xx

  • Zaneta apologies I said Jeanetta in the message above!

    Talk to you soon!


  • No worries 😉. I don't mind at all. I wrote today at the table Janet ta just to get it easier 😈

  • Gosh ye had a very good morning by the sounds of it, well done to Zanetta for helping to organise this event. You can all take a bow for attending. So now us ladies in Cork have to improve on attendance for October.

  • Oh, I can't take credit for organising. I only suggested to do it in dublin 😉

  • It was a great turn out and great to meet and put names to faces. I hope to make it to Cork in October. Kittie

  • Well done x

  • Hi all,

    It was great to meet up and exchange our stories and also to put faces to names! Thanks so much to Sharon and Ovacare for facilitating.


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