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Embarrassing morning tea on caelyx

HI ladies,

I had a embarrassing time yesterday, my daughter asked me to have a nice day with her, morning tea and lunch in the mountains.

We went to a nice coffee shop, I ordered a small tart and as I've been having trouble swallowing tablets and food ( I'm on caelyx) I was careful to chow my food but it seems like the smallest piece gets stuck in my throat

I had staff and customers plus my daughter all trying to help it was lodged, very scary,

so here I am laying on the coffee shop floor as I had read to lay down and try to relax, it worked,

So So embarrassing my poor daughter was so upset she did not feel like going to lunch but I said I would have soup, so we did enjoy lunch.

Only have one more caelyx to go so will just have to be careful a little longer.

Cheers Ladies Lorraine xx

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Oh Lorraine, what an experience ! That must have been quite scary so you shouldn't feel embarrassed at all, I'm sure your daughter and the others around you were concerned FOR you and not thinking that it was embarrassing.

I'm so glad that you managed to have a nice lunch. The side effects are so awful aren't they and they are unknown to so many people.

Take care and hopefully you will soon be able to eat and swallow 'normally' again.

Clare 💐❤️🌺


HI choski,

It was scary and yes the side effect of caelyz are awful, different to the other chemos I've had.

I only have one more to go of 6.

the good side of this is I'm eating lots of ice cream.

Cheers and thank you for your wishes.

Lorraine xx


Poor you !!! How embarrassing 😳!

Oh well , it's nice to add humour to these situations! Keeps us going don't you think, plus you went on to enjoy the day too.

Reminds me of my awkward situations when I've been out with friends/ family.

I had to have a Stoma op due to bowel blockage caused by the cancer pushing through from my ovaries.

Well , you have to leave your dignity at the door when it comes to timing of flatulent breakout!! My bag seems to amplify sounds !! Generally when it's a quiet time , during company!

Oh well , part of this wonderful journey!

Lots of love ❤️ Jackie xx


Hi Jackie,

It was embarrassing and scary but to-day I can see a funny side to it.

The coffee shop is in the blue mountains a very touristy spot and of course it was busy with tourist having morning tea.

Here I am laying on the floor with half the shop trying to help.

My other daughter when she heard said she wont be eating out with me in the near future, just coffee.

As you say, part of this journey.

Cheers and all my best wishes to you

Lorraine xx


What a scary experience. Are they telling you it's a side effect of Caelyx? Maybe you can get a referral to ENT doc to look down your throat with a scope. How long have you been on Caelyx?

I hope this clears up for you soon,

Hugs, D


Hi Dee,

I'm on caelyx for 6 rounds one every 4 weeks next week is my last one ( hopefully

I've had this eating problem in the last few weeks so I will be going to the clinic Thursday and will let them know.

When this happened the first time with a tablet I was taking, I asked the lovely ladies on this site if any one else had the same problem and yes it seems to be one of the side effects with caelyx, so it put my mind at rest till I go back to the clinic.

Cheers and thank you for your hugs

Lorraine xx


Is this because your mouth is ulcerated? Have you been prescribed something for it?


Hi Scardycat40,

I'm going to the clinic this Thursday and will make sure I see about this problem.

I have only one more to go of 6 having one every 4 week.

As you may know caelyx is a slow release chemo over the 4 weeks so each month I seem to have more side effects.

I'm managing ok, I some time think if this is doing this to my body then let hope that the beast is having a harder time then me.

Cheers and best wishes

Lorraine xx

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