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My poor before and after hair...

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Hi girls, Been feeling really poorly this week with the neuropathy and also had lots to do so haven't seen a lot of your posts so much to catch up with. Monday night, after a party, and a few glasses of lemonade, my dear friend, Joy, gave me a trim as it started to fall out that morning. I photographed it quietly afterwards so that I could have a moment with my hair. I have searched for a charity that will take it to make free wigs for others. The Little Princess Trust in UK ( ) makes wigs for children with cancer and my hair just about fits the length they want. I had so little grey, not bad for 68, that I'm really chuffed and hoping it doesn't grow back all grey. I can't believe the dark colour underneath though.

I'm now back on morphine for the neuropathy pain but my hands are naffed up and I shuffle instead of walk. On the plus side, the pins and needles are not as bad as last week. Always a plus! That's me.

I hope you are all well and happy. I'm looking forward to the MacMillan day on 29th as I'm selling space on my head at 5€ a go and someone can write a message or draw something. My good friend is asking for sponsors and she will have her head shaved so that we match. Such a trooper. I'm lucky to have such wonderful friends. However, there is talk of raffling my head off afterwards. Don't like what that may involve....... If anyone wants to sponsor her then everything goes to Macmillan. Can take UK sterling by PayPal only or euro cheques. PM me if interested - or have a scalp space moment yourself. :-) xxxx

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Hi lovely,

You still look amazing 😉 everyone does no matter what xxx

its tough losing our hair, but what a lovely idea to send it to the charity. Best of luck to you xxx

Hi Kryssy,

I bet you rock the cropped hair look! I cried, and cried, and cried when my hubby shaved my head. Then I cried a bit more in the shower, and a bit more at bedtime, and a lot in the morning when my children were scared of me 😢

Then I came to love all my hats and scarves and my kids came to love my bald head and all was good in the more waxing, no bikini line to worry about...happy days!

I think if I were to lose my hair again, I'd get a henna tattoo - is that what you are going to let your friends do when you sell off squares of your head?

Vicki x

Thank you girls.

Vicki, my eldest son, who has alopecia and shaves his head, said to embrace my baldness when it happens so I have sent for body art stickers and glitter tattoo pens. A friend said I should get people to draw rabbits on my head because from a distance they will look like hares (hairs). Good friend but rubbish joke.

I'm not upset at all about losing my hair especially as it's supposed to grow back stronger. I stopped shaving my legs last week, waiting for the smoothness to come. Now got designer stubble in anticipation. Seems to be coming out from the head downwards. Dropping pubics every time I go for a pee. Looks weird down there. :-)

Kryssy xx

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badger4218 in reply to Kryssy

I had a feeling you were having a rough patch, it went too quiet!. x x

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Kryssy in reply to badger4218

Hi there. You awake in the wee small hours too? My hands, feet, knees and hips are on fire. This morphine patch is doing sod all. So difficult to type too.

Friday I am going to have a moan at the onc. No use him apologising for the neuropathy after the event is it? It was in my GPs notes that I have MS so if he read them, which I doubt, he would have known I was more at risk. I'm rather miffed, nay pissed off to say the least. I just hope my temper doesn't flare. It rarely does but take cover if it leaks out. Don't even think about the cancer these days...

Love Kryssy xx

I honestly love your new crop,It is so difficult to loose your hair but what a fabulous way to do it,I applaud you! 👏🏻

Beautiful inside too!

Sharon xxxx

Hi Kryssy,

What truly stunning hair! You have a nice shaped head so I'm sure you'll pull off the bald look! I've got feeble, fine, straight hair so always have hair envy and a bobbly skull so even had head envy! I've long been back to the straight, fine hair but appreciate it so much more.

Lovely idea to donate your hair. All good wishes winging they're way. Keep telling the Oncs about your side effects. Managing all symptoms is as much their job as treating them.

Sandra x

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Kryssy in reply to LittleSan

I was rather proud of it, Sandra, especially at my age. Had good hair genes but rubbish skin genes. My mother had beautiful Irish skin and wonderful hands. I have wrinkly leather skin with hands like crinkled sandpaper. My skin is so dry that I "flake" wherever I go. xxxx

Hi Kryssy, I do sympathise and you had stunning hair, but it will grow back and it starts. Try quickly, I too lost my hair in 2014 but it grew back fine but unfortunately I am starting a trial soon and it's down to the wig shop tomorrow! Lynne

hi, am really sorry about the neuropathy as well as the hair....mine was never as good(!) Think it affects everybody differently. I have had a numb hand for about 30 years following a neck injury and of course that is where its affected me most. Try to have an honest talk to your onc. about how much you can cope with...there may be alternative drugs for the future if you need them...meanwhile, wigs can be good news! Take care and love Chris xxx

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