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introducing Alfie

introducing Alfie

Thought I would even up the pet pics, and introduce Alfie to everyone, he is the new (and only) man in my life, and moved in a week after my liver biopsy. he was rescued from a nearby village and went to live with a lady a few doors down from me, but he decided that I was a softer touch I think.

it was lovely to meet him, as my old lady cat had passed away a few weeks prior to the op at the grand old age of 21, and her brother had died 3 years earlier at 18.

I had forgotten the joys of having a young cat- I now have lots of presents of small mammals and birds, as he is only coming up to 2 years, I think he is just learning still!

take care ladies!


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Hi Sue,

Just opened this blog and I see it's a different picture...beautiful love x G x :-) ( but not tagged thanks.. for tagging the other one though)


Love this photo too - he's soooo cute.

Angie x


Oh Sue

What a lovely pic, he has obviously made himself right at home!

Love LInda xx


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