disappointing CA125 resuts

My CA125 count before chemo (carboplatin) was 62 after first chemo went down to 38. after 2nd chemo it has gone up to 41, I know this is only 3 points but to me It means the chemo isn't working I've been told not to worry and wait for the next result in three weeks, easier said than done, has anyone has results like this ?

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  • I know how stupid this sounds, but do try not to panic! I was definitely warned that it could rise slightly before continuing down - especially if there is a lot of inflammation around from your op still.

    I hope against hope that that is the case with you.

    All love,


  • Thanks for that,my op was end of June,and after the drop,I just didn't expect it to go up. Thanks again love Bosue

  • Hi Bosue

    You are not alone! We all worry when this happens, human nature! A chemo nurse told me that ca 125 markers can be effected by alsorts of things. Different times of day that sam[ple is taken, emotional state, any anti inflammatory response, whether you have just eaten. Also the dead cancer cells from the chemo often cause 125 to go up iniatiallyTry not to worry tooooo much about the number. The trends are more significant.

    Good luck. Love Soapsudsx

  • Hi Soapsuds,

    Didn't realise dead caner cells can cause a raised 125, so thats something thats helped. Thanks again love Bosue

  • Hi bosue,

    My CA125 is still in triple figures but whenever I go for treatment we are always a cycle behind as the latest CA125 isn't ready until the day after treatment. I was told not to worry about it too much as lots of things can affect it but my trend is still downwards.

    I may just give the MacMillan team a call because I have been worrying about it. My baseline CT also showed some residual disease but you would expect that from a baseline scan.

  • Hi scardycat,

    Yes my results are always a cycle behind,got them yesterday just before my 3rd. what have been your CA125 readings? What is baseline CT ? and when did you have it? Thanks Bosue

  • A baseline CT scan is one that you have at the start of treatment so you would expect there to be some cancer and I had it a couple of days after my first chemo. I think my CA125 which would have been 18/08/11 was 179 or about there. I'd asked the doctor about my CT scan and CA125 but he was a bit dismissal at that appointment and I came away feeling frustrated and emotional. I might drop my consultants secretary and email and see if I can get a copy of the CT scan report and my CA125 results.

  • HI as one of the support line nurses at Ovacome i undersatnd it is very difficult not to panic when this happens, but do remember that it can go up for other reasons apart from ovarian cancer ( although obviously it is the first thing that comes to mind) it can go up if you have had a stomach upset or chest infection amongst other things so try not to panic too much. If you would like to talk things through further do give us a ring or leave a message and we will get back to you 08453710554

    Best Wishes


  • Hi bosue,

    My Oncologist always says ' don't panic'. He says that our CA 125 can fluctuate greatly. 3 CA 125's can be taken in a day and they will all read differently. Yes, whilst I agree it is easy for them to say not to worry - we still do. But again it is true to say the slightest infection can give a 'false' reading.

    Anna x

  • thanks for that love Bosue x

  • Hi

    My CA125 results have fluctuated like that and I had different readings on the same day from two different hospitals (9 points apart). I did this as I had a form from my GP as well as my oncologist and wondered about accuracy. My oncologist said that there is about a 4% margin of error in any CA 125 test so it may well be that the rise is not actually a rise, given the margin of error it could even be a drop. maybe try to remind yourself that this is not an exact science - hope that helps.


  • thanks, that has helped a great deal. Love Bosue x

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