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what are bulky ovaries & is it connected to ovulation

new to this site, found it when researching bulky ovaries as went to see gynae. today to be told I may have erosion & bulky ovaries. Have been getting mid-cycle pain, severe bloating, abdom., back & leg pain and difficulty urinating - feels it trickles as my pelvis is so inflammed & bloated it feels as though something is pressing/pulling on my bowel & bladder - also very painful after urinating & after intercourse. very heavy discharge - clear/white(no odour or colour) but in pain for majority of the month. have also had bloating further up abdomen to just beneath ribs with frequently feeling full & occasional heartburn. have had this for over 12 years & had laproscopy 10 yrs ago & told it was IBS but no medication seems to make any difference. have to sit down carefully as it feels as though something is been pushed up inside if I sit suddenly. when I lie down my abdomen still looks swollen & gets very hot & inflammed. no painkillers seem to really help as still left with feeling of fullness. any advice would be helpful. gynae suggested mini-pill as she thinks it's just mid-cycle pain that will disappear if i take progesterone only pill. I also have poorly controlled high Bp as well as mitral valve prolapse so am not comfortable taking hormones due to strong family history of strokes. am 44 yrs old.

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Hi Jomo,

Well there is certainly something going on there, but given that its been going on for so many years, I think you can be reassured it unlikely to be cancer.

As you are only 44 I am guessing you are still ovulating so it is normal for your ovaries to change throughout the month. Bulky could mean lots of things, so its important to keep going back to your GP and get a definite diagnosis. IBS is something of a catch all - a lot of women - and doctors feel that as there's no diagnostic test for it, if every other likely thing is excluded, it must be that!

Not being able to sit down easily is really an unusual symptom, so please do make sure you let someone know. If communication is difficult, and you find the GP all in a bit of a rush, then I would really recommend you write it all down in a letter and take it in a day or two before your appointment.

To be of the most use you need to start by saying, 'I am coming to see you on XXXXXXX for XXXXXXXXX (Thats not kisses by the way!)

Start at the beginning. Give a short chronological history of what has happened the past years, with dates where you can. End with the current situation. Your symptoms, and what you would like to happen.

Its important to understand that Ovarian cancer is rare - an average GP will see one case every 5 years, and even rarer in women in their 40's so please do try not to get too worried.




Hi Louise, thank you so much for the re-assuring comments. My Gp initially referred me as she thought there may be endometriosis outside of the womb but the hospital have refused point blank to carry out investigation ( MRI or laproscopy) as an ultrasound 12 months ago showed no abnormailty. I am still ovulating and the gynaecologist seemed to think it must just be mid-cycle pain. she said there may be erosion but just suggested Mini-pill or Mirena IUD. I'm not keen to take any more hormonal treatment as I was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid 12 months which cleared of it's own accord but I am still reluctant to add any more medication to those I take for BP.

Thank you again I shall re-book an appointment with the GP to try to get to the bottom of it.



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