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I was told at the beginning of this year that there was a "world wide shortage" of Caelyx and that only people already on it would be able to finish their treatment.

In June I was told it still wasn't being made then last Friday my onc said that the factory had been closed and that it probably wouldn't be available for three years and that I would be given Doxorubicin similar to Caelyx and is an old OC drug I was fine with that but then read that Caelyx had been sourced.

Does this mean that oncologists are unable to obtain drugs from outside their area.?

Sorry it's such a rambling question and one that none of us are able to answer but it would be interesting to hear some of your views.

Love Marilyn xxx :)

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Hi Marilyn,

It isn't a rambling question in fact very valid, I am sorry I don't have the answer but Ruth Payne might have the answer, why don't you give her a ring? Most of us would be interested in the answer to this, perhaps you could let us x G x :-)


Hi Marilyn,

Last week when I saw my Onc regarding my third lot of chemo he told me that caelyx is being made again and that he has been told it will be available from next year but he didn't know what part of the year.

Good news for me and several other ladies including yourself. I am going on Topetecan, then next it will be gemcitabine leaving plenty of time for caelyx to become available again.

Good luck with doxorubicin and fingers crossed for the caelyx.

Hugs Jackie xx


Hello ladies,

When my onc suggested trying to source caelyx i didnt want to even hope as i like yourselves was led to believe that it is not available till next year. I think what the pharmacist did was to ring round and see if lical hospitals had any spare rounds. My oncs words were if we can get a couple of rounds and trial you on it and if it works we can go round witha begging bowl to derby or notts and they are bound to have a few spare rounds. This leads me to belief that there must be a few rounds in different hospitals. My oncs last words were that they have exhausted the last 3 rounds of caelyx in leics for me. I know its hard as i was so sure that i was going to have topetecan, and i dont understand why the shortage of such a reliable drug. Maybe Ruth can answer some of these questions. I would hate to think i have opened a.can of worms by saying i am having caelyx.


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