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I know that the travel insurance question has been asked many times but any recommendations please - also has anyone had any luck with USA and Canada?

Thank you

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  • Hi. I go to the USA once a year and always travel with my cancer excluded. I only go in remission or after finishing treatment. I know other ladies have recommended 'insure with' but Ive not bothered.

  • I used Insurance With for a week in Lanzarote - cost me £40, which I thought was pretty good. I don't know what they are like for the USA though. Or do as Katmal suggests and have cancer excluded.

  • I travelled to Austria last week with Insurewith, I ended up in hospital while I was there even though I'm in remission. It was thought to be norovirus but the hospital said it may just have been a combo of different diet, altitude and low white cell count left over from chemo. £1000 later I'm so glad I covered the OC as I couldn't prove it wasn't linked. was a link I got from here and was by far the most reasonable. I'm 3c and was 3 weeks post last chemo when I booked.

    Have a fab trip. X

  • How are you now, Lisa? Did you get to the bottom of it in the end?

  • Hi there,

    I saw my consultant last week and although the radiographer in Austria had seen free fluid my consultant couldn't see any on ultrasound. My CA125 was also 15 which was fantastic.

    I decided because of this to just let it be and put it down to a bug or just over doing it.

    He did say the fluid could just be left from the ascites I had in the summer.

    I felt much better after seeing him and I've felt generally ok this week in the tummy pain department.

    Thanks for asking, I was very scared initially and did think the worst.

    Best, Lisa x

  • Good news! What a relief!

  • I've used insurancewith for insurance for Canada many times. Fortunately I have never had to use it, but their prices were reasonable.

  • I do not think that it is a good idea to exclude anything from insurance companies as they will find a loophole and not pay out if anything happens to you.

    Just thinking ...........

  • My insurance cover is £80 a year worldwide, excluding cover for ovarian cancer. This seems ok for me as any trip is never more than 30 days & I wd not go away if on chemo anyhow.

  • Which company Sherry?

  • Ageas travel. 0345 122 3280.

    My broker is Rossborough Insurance in the Channel Islands. Remember there is no cover for illness caused by OC or cancellation of any member of party for that reason either. I never book more than 3 months in advance these days.

  • Also like to add, my kids turned me onto an App called Kayak. I can sometimes get flights to Oakland (1 lad lives in sanfran) for well under £300. Plus flights to my bro in Tenerife for £51.

    Put in weekly alerts for where u fancy going. Happy travels

  • I've used insurewith a couple of times now for travel to the USA, I'm going back to the big apple in July and the second booking I made after the flights, was my insurance. It's just peace of mind for me and my hubby, I've got £10,000,000.00 health cover + all the usual covers and even though I'm 2 years in remission I'm happier with the cover in place. In 2014 I had to cancel my holiday as I was in the operating theatre having my tumour removed instead of on holiday and was able to reclaim the total cost of the holiday less the policy price. I know that's travel insurance not health insurance but you never know so both are really important to us. Happy & safe travels ❤xx Jane

  • I asked this before Christmas as I was looking at ski-ing in Canada. Of all the recommended insurers for cancer Insurewith was the only one with an affordable price. It was significantly more affordable. However, they do go through your case in an enormous amount of detail which can be a bit offputting. Stick with it cos you get there in the end.

    I wouldn't exclude OC from your insurance. It's not worth it. If you get ill in any other way they will always try to pin it on OC. There is an issue with USA and Canada that they if they find out you have a pre-existing condition they may do additional tests to rule it out. One of the insurers told me that is why insurance is so expensive. Apparently the result of a libel culture.

    So, even if you have a chesty cough from a bug going around and just want antibiotics, you could end up 'requiring' lots of extra tests that may not be covered on your insurance if you have excluded OC from it.

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