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O/T but have been worried sick

Hello girls, Not been on for a while as been going thru hell but out the other side this morning whoopey! For 6-8 weeks I have been having very strange bowel movements - strange enough for my GP to fast track me an abdo US which I had last week - have got gallstones and hernia - but she was concerned about bowel cancer. I saw a specialist this am who performed a colonoscopy and thankfully it was perfectly clear!!

I am unsure if the two diseases are linked in any way but I have to say that I was cr###ing myself that Cancer was back elsewhere. So relieved to see for myself that it has not so it was agreed to leave the hernia and stones at peace for the moment as they were only found during the US.

Wishing you all well - I do lurk here from time to time but find it hard sometimes when I read of lovely girls going thru their journeys.


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Glad you have had such good news, Sheila!

Very best wishes,



Oh, Sheila! How awful! Poor you. I'm so glad it's not as bad as you feared. I always wonder how you're doing when I use or sell some of your cards. I'm still selling them, on a small scale, but every little helps, as they say. I'll count up the fundraising so far and let you know soon, as I'm taking them to a tea party my friend is giving to raise funds for the local hospital gynae cancer support group. I'll still be selling for Ovacome though!

Rest a bit and relax and enjoy feeling calmer now! So glad it's not what you feared :-)

Love, Wendy xx


Hi Sheila - I've not commented on this site for a while but am always checking the latest updates from everyone. I, too, have been having some really strange bowel problems lately. Have also had two UTIs which I have never had any experience of previous to having OC. Have had check-up and doc found a hernia. I also now have a hitatus hernia!! Had a CT scan last week and off to see my onc today for result, so hope I don't have anything seriously wrong with my bowel. Glad to hear you're ok, but also now have a hernia! Has anyone else developed a hernia since their op? Had surgery 2 years ago and things keep cropping up. What next!!




Hi Colette

I have developed a hernia since my surgery in April 2010 and it can be quite uncomfortable at times, not to mention how awful it looks in fitted clothing (which I am not able to wear anymore). I am waiting to have it repaired, but very scared about having another operation.

Hope your results are good.

Love Chris x x


Great to hear your good news. It's amazing isn't it how

Any illness is now seen as minor after oc - best wishes parvin x


Happy to hear your good news. I had an MRI scan of my spine last week. i see the onc a week on Monday and hope to be told that I am told the back ache is just arthritis. I had quite a bad reaction to my most recent chemo and I do not relish the thought of daily chemo as a possibility. I keep positive as much as I can but sometimes it is not easy.


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