underactive thyroid and possible ovarian cyst

Hiya everyone new on this forum but not new to healthunlocked as am already a member of the COPD forum. I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid last January on my 47th Birthday, it was diagnosed through routine blood tests which I have to have due to the meds I am on. Anyway fastrack to Wednesday 23rd March and I noticed/felt this large lump about 2 inches away from my bellybutton. I initially thought it might be a hernia as I had foolishly tried to push my car and thought I may have strained something. I got an appointment for Thursday and still thinking it was a hernia I was completely floored when the doctor said no it cant be as its way down low in my stomach and she immediately mentioned ovarian cancer/bowel cancer and took bloods for CA-125 just as a precaution as there is no family history of anyone having cancer in the family and I also have NO symptoms of ovarian cancer either but as you can imagine I am worried sick as I already have COPD and am under no illusions that that was going to finish me off eventually. I have googled Ovarian cancer and ovarian cysts trying to get a better picture and sometimes I am ok then read where the person has died. I don't know how long its going to take to get an appointment and am scared stiff what tests they will do. I have read several posts on here and none so far have had a happy outcome so will be greatful to hear from anyone who has had treatment/surgery and been perfectly fine.

Sorry for the essay and thanks for reading to the bottom !

Kind regards

Liz x

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  • Firstly I have two friends who have had large suspicious ovarian cysts and they have turned out to be benign. My mother had ovarian cancer nearly 20 years ago and has had no recurrence and still here to tell the tale - so there you are 3 good news stories ūüėÄ. ¬†

    You are most likely to have a transvaginal ultrasound and or a CT scan next. 

    Easier said than done but try not to panic. Live in the day and don't spoil a perfectly good present by worrying about the future. Save you energy for enjoying yourself.

    Take care, hope your problems are easily sorted. 

    Sandra x  

  • Thank you Sandra for taking the time to reply. I will post again when I receive the letter from the hospital.

    take care kindest regards Liz x

  • Lots of us have happy outcomes! Try not to ¬†Google if you can. ¬†You should get an appt thru quickly but that doesn't mean you have cancer! Talk to family. ¬†Come ¬†here & chat. ¬†Sending you hugs! ¬†¬†

  • Thank you for your reply kindest regards Liz x

  • I agree with the ladies do not google too much. ¬†Try not to worry for the moment easier said than done. ¬†See how your bloods ¬†and scan go and take it from there, ¬†Do not pre empt, that was advice given to me when I first had symptoms. ¬† However I am still here to tell the tale, remember if the worst comes to the worst, OC is manageable the same as high blood pressure. ¬† Come back and let us know how you are getting on post scan results

  • Thank you for your reply kindest regards Liz x

  • I am a lot older (80) I have COPD but not thyroid problems. None of the professionals talk as though the COPD has much influence on the cancer treatment or result. I also scare myself silly by googling but what I find out never seems to tie in with my personal reality. All the best, Liz

  • I research everyday. For one thing I like learning, but I also feel more in control of my own health.

  • Hello Liz....I have an underactive thyroid and also had a huge benign tumour removed ¬†plus a smaller one last autumn in ¬†a Total Abdominal Hysterectomy. The doctor also suspected OC when I went for an appointment thinking I had a hernia - a large one, that is! I had an U/S scan straight away being post- menopause and then blood (CA125 was raised a bit but that can occur with benign cysts) taken and CT scan. I had no symptoms other than the lump and felt very well throughout. I had the op 3 weeks after the CT scan and it was another 3 weeks before I was told they were benign tumours. The waiting is quite trying but I distracted myself as much as possible and I was very relieved with the eventual result. I took it easy following the op and have made a good recovery since.¬†

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