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How long t o recover from carboplatin

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Hi I am starting 6 cycles of carboplatin next week and it will go on until September . Just wondering how long it will take to recover? I would like to spend time researching a holiday to distract myself.... and was wondering from people's experiences if I would be fit to travel end of Dec early January . Was thinking of a cruise as it will allow me to laze around and hubby and kids can take off......and there would be a doctor on board if I ran into trouble. Any holiday suggestions gratefully recieved also☺️

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Hi. Each time Ive had chemo, originally caboplatin then onto cisplatin for recurrences ( because I had a reaction to carbo) its taken me about 6 weeks after which time Ive returned to work full time so id say a relaxing holiday certainly sounds doable :). Hope you end up somewhere nice with lots of lovely warm weather. no holiday suggestion Im afraid as I always tend to head for America. Hope your Chemo goes well, be kind to yourself, lors of relaxing and listening to what yr body is telling you xx Kathy

From experience Id say don't book until you see how you fare with chemo. I spent more money moving flights and hotels than on the holiday. I like the canaries. Not too far but nice and hot My cousin just back from a cruise of the med. she said recommend it.


It's really difficult to predict. I had six sessions of carbo last year and felt really bad after session 4. I was so tired and breathless and I was worried because we had booked a week in Cornwall a week after session 5. Admittedly I struggled a bit with preparing for the holiday and doing the packing but we got there and I was fine. From my experience I would say that you'll be fine to book a holiday but like I said it's difficult as everyone is different. Maybe do your research but hold off booking it for a bit. good luck Kerry x

It's an excellent idea to start thinking about a post-chemo treat and to (slowly) start researching ideas... I had single Carboplatin and had a few cycles postponed due to low white blood counts... It's fairly common!! You will have more of a sense about how it's affecting you after the first couple of cycles... everyone's different within a range of experiences. We had an amazing short break to Islay four weeks after my last dose and just before I went back in for the end of chemo scan results etc... It was great to be by the sea, enjoy some seafood, drink a little whisky and fly kites on the beach!!

I did find travel and holidays a little more tiring for quite a while after I finished, but it's more about making a few adjustments and having a few extra rest days rather than changing holiday habits completely!!

As well as an end of chemo holiday, I would also really encourage planning some smaller treats for the third week after chemo (which is when you'll feel your best!) As a rough rule of thumb I used to have a grotty week, an OK week and then a better week and then begin again!! It was always good to know I'd done some lovely things and seen people when I was most able to...

Wishing you hope & strength... Sxx

That's fantastic to read thanks a mil.

I finished carbo December 2013 and went skiing to the USA for two weeks at the beginning of February ! I was a lot slower than usual but I did it and knowing it was arranged was something to look forward too c

A cruise sounds alright. I looked set river cruises as they are smaller boats but didn't go in the end. I went to a cottage in Northumberland 6 weeks after my first chemo and op as it meant I could chill out while my partner did more strenuous activities and I could wander on the beach or go further afield in the afternoons. Then we went to Spain later in the year.

If you are going in January you could do the research but leave booking till last minute to see how you feel and get a cheap late deal. I got a January flight to Mexico for £140 a few years ago, not that I'd go that far now as it's a long flight. But chemo can get delayed or changed so I wouldn't book anything partway through chemo unless it's a cheap deposit or some other kind of calculated risk. The last flight I booked had a £10 surcharge if you wanted to be able to change it to go at a different time, within a year, so you could look for those kind of get out/easy change offers.

Hi I finished chemo in September and took a Carribean cruise the following February! I found it my first watershed both physically and mentally and it did me the world of good! Cruising is very easy although I found myself on a walk for Breast Cancer on the first day around the deck and met some really inspiring survivors! You just can't go anywhere these days .......LOL!! 😀x

Hi Bonnie11,

I had 6 months of Carbo/Taxol after debaulking surgery,chemo finished in March and went to Turkey in June, but in hindsight, think I would have gone to the Canaries, where it is hot, but medical assistance on tap.

Everyone is different, it totally depends how you get on, but I wouldn't make too early your plans as things can change and sometimes it's too difficult to get your money back.

However, it is good to have things to look forward to, I had lots of weekend breaks in this country and it is surprising how the little things matter, just be glad to be alive and do what you feel like doing, spent time with the family and pace yourself, your body will tell you what you can cope with,but take it easy and give yourself time,

Lots of love whatever you do,

Carole xxx

HI Bonnie!

I finished my Chemo on the 30th March and was planning on going on hols 3 weeks later but hadn't booked was just going to do a last minute deals but I ended up in Hospital after last Chemo with high temp and the last Chemo took a lot out of me so I didn't go on hols in the end! I had combination chemo with Taxol and Carbo so bit different. I agree with the others the recovery is very individual you might be fine very quickly!!

I am nearly 8 weeks out now and am going to make up for it! Am heading to NYC in Sept and Thailand in November all booked!!! Also have started a fitness plan and am in the gym 4 times a week! Going to start doing hill walks at the weekends so plenty of activity until NYC in Sept! What I am trying to say is that I wasn't up to a holiday as soon as I thought but am ready for pretty much anything now only 8 weeks out!!!

Onwards and Upwards!!


Hi Bonnie. As many of the lovely ladies on here have said, definitely start looking at a holiday but I would also plan some treats in the week before the next cycle too. I've just finished a regime of Carbo/Taxol following a recurrence but only had Carbo last time. The 1st time, carboplatin knocked me for 6 and I had low bloods and a transfusion. I reckon it took me about 4 months to feel a bit more my normal self and with energy to get on a do things well. This regime has been better strangely enough, although my bloods still went low and my energy levels suffered. We had to cancel a holiday last time but I have a holiday booked for September to look forward to this year and am planning something for Christmas too. My only comment about your plan would be related to insurance. Insurance companies aren't keen on us going on cruises. I had wanted to do a river cruise in April. the cruise cost £778 pp and they wanted £973 to insure me!! It was our 25th wedding anniversary so a real bore that this was out of the question. My oncologist also advised against leaving the country because of the risk of sepsis during chemo. In the end we stayed in a castle in Wales which was very special! You might like to investigate the insurance and sepsis issues before making any firm plans?!

Good luck and keep in touch with how you are. There's loads of support on this website. Eleni x

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