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First visit to onc after final chemo of 2nd line chemo

The onc said he was pleased as the cancer hadn't got worse and was inactive, but would return he couldn't give me a time period but I got the impression it would be months not years. I am stage 4 grade 2c. Has anyone else had this experience I feel so depressed as I was hoping it had gone, all you ladies have been so supportive and given me hope xx

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Hi nikki9,

You have just said the word HOPE, hold on to it and focus on the cancer hasn't got worse

and is inactive.

Words given to me were "Dont go there till you get there".

Thinking of you.

luv trish x x


Hi Nikki9,

What a worry for you....I hope they will be dormant for many many years......even forever...

I have nodules that are not doing anything they just keep an eye on them ...when I had a recurrence it was in a different place to the nodules...I suppose that if they are not growing they are not doing anything... not growing.. not shrinking.. so there is no point in treating them.... as we all know treatment can be bad...I am sorry but don't give up on the hope that they might not be a bother... Love x G x :-)


Hi Nikki9, similar for me, get depressed when I wake up but have to work on it! I try to live in the day or even the moment and maintain unrealistic hope, gets me through :-) lots of love to you xxx Diane


I wish cancer would just go away and never come back.. the way it just lingers there in the background, it is any wonder we get so depressed! My heart goes out to you...

Everyone deals with things differently, but this is the way I look at it is....You have to have hope rather than despair.. its the key to my sanity anyway.. to try and move away from the what if, and just enjoy life day by day .....

The words you have to focus on are, 'its not got worse and its inactive'.

You have won this fight perhaps not the war, but lets all hope and pray that it stays inactive for a good long while to give you time to enjoy life and get your strength back free from treatment.. If it starts to wake up from its slumber, you will have the strength to beat it into submission again... you've done it once, have faith you can do it again....

big hug

Jules xx


Hi Nikki

Just wanted to let you know that I am still trucking on.

I was really devastated when I was told that my last lot of chemo had not really shrunk the tumors, as I felt it had been a waste of time. Even though they said 'stable disease' was actually a good thing, I did not believe them and thought they were just patronising me and that once the treatment had stopped the tumors would start to grow back immediately.

My onc said that the effects of the chemo last for about a year and then I would probably need more treatment. But as you know, that was back in Feb 2010 and I am still not having any symptoms and not had to have any more chemo (they say I am not ready for it yet). That is 2.5 years now.

It was as recent as february when I felt that I could not cope with my situation and was just 'waiting for god'. So I am impressed that I have had such a turn around of emotion. I can now say 'I have cancer, it can't be cured, but I am continuing to have a full life regardless.' and I really believe it.

So, this is not just an empty 'don't worry it may never happen' message. You really do not know how long it will be before the cancer returns and (as in my case) whether it will cause you any issues when it does.

Take care love Vx


I would like to thank every one for your lovely support. Just one more question I was told by my onc that my ca125 would never go back to what it was. First line ca125 went down to 17. This time second line it only went down to 70 Has anyone else been told this xxxx


Hi Nikki,

Again I can't help you with this, but my oncologist refuses to take my blood, and don't take any notice of it if I have it done through my GP ...so unless I suspect it is back I haven't bothered to get the blood test done, I don't know what your oncologist means by that, seeing as mine doesn't bother at all best wishes love x G x :-)


Hi Nikki,

I have not been told that specifically. However the CA125 is measuring a substance that is excreted by the tumor, so people like us who have a tumor present will always be excreting it. The thing now is to take this as your base level and watch out for any rises from this, as this MAY indicate increased tumor activity, however it is just a guide and this is why some oncs don't bother and just focus on how the patient feels.



thank you so much for the information, i seem to get a lot more information from the ladies on this site than my oncologist nikki x


Hi Nikki,

I was Stage 3C DIAGNOSED mARCH 2012, then re-diagnosed November 2011, was told I'd prob have another year without treatment...or that that wd be good...since then I've been doing the Budwig Diet and my ca125 has gone down...I really do believe that it works...please google it and have a go.......



Thank you so much will have a look..good luck nikkixx


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