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I've got my dates

Thanks to everyone for their support. I had the scan and drain yesterday, and feel much better.....and after 6.5litres removed, much lighter!!!!! I've now got my date for chemo, I restart on 30th, and have the gfr test on Monday, so they haven't wasted any time. Even better, I'm having it all done at my local hospital which is only 10 minutes from home, whereas last year I had to travel to Portsmouth, about 40 minute to an hour away.



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Hi Chris,

Glad all's gone well..and good news things are moving wishes love x G x :-)


Hi Chris

So plleased you are feeling better.

It feels so much more positive when you have your chemo dates and get started. Glad that you don't have to travel so far now, it's the last thing you need.

What chemo are you having this time?

Good luck for it all anyway

Lots of love and supportive hugs winging their way to you



Hi Sue

I'm having Carboplatin and taxol(however you spell it) which is the same as last time, so I know what I'm letting myself in for.

Fingers crossed it works as well as last time

Love Chris


Hi Chris!

So glad that things are all moving in a more positive direction now.

Good luck for the new chemo regime. Hope it all goes as well as it possibly can .....I know it's not a doddle but it's all in a good cause ;-)

Love Wendy xx


Hi Chris . Glad you are feeling better and things moving well . Best wishes for successful treatment . Good that you do not need to travel all that way

Take care



Dear Chris,

I'm so glad that all went well on Wednesday. Hopefully it was all done in one day and you could go home that evening. That was a huge amount of liquid removed. You must feel like skipping round now. It's good you can have your chemo at the local hospital too so friends and family can pop in from time to time. Fingers crossed the carbo-platin/taxol cocktail does the trick again.

Take care - spoil yourself. xxxx Annie


They did pull their finger out to get your dates done. I thought you would have to see onc to get results before they gave you a date! Hope you haven't got any problems from the drain, I have some very funny pains,, and I don't normally take painkillers, but I am now! Does anybody else have pains after drainage?


I feel a bit like I've been bruised, though there are no signs of any. It actually feels worse on the other side from where they put the drain in, and sometimes like someone's stuck a pin in me! Other than that, no problems, though I suspect I'm starting to fill up again! Still not got the day for seeing the onc before chemo, so I'm needling his secretary!

The caravan should be delivered Saturday, so we hope to go out in it before everything starts! See you soon




so sorry u havin to go through this again.... i hope and pray all goes well for u




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