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Helping with Research

You are invited to take part in a research study being conducted at University College London (UCL), looking at the nutritional issues faced by women who are diagnosed with ovarian cancer and how they could be supported better. It consists of two stages. The first stage of this study recruited patients receiving care for a pelvic mass at the University College Hospital and assessed how their nutritional status/well-being changed through diagnosis and during the course of their treatment. You are being invited to take part in the second stage of this study where you are asked to be involved in a discussion group that will address issues surrounding nutritional challenges, support and the acceptability of future nutritional interventions packages. The discussion groups will take place on the 22nd of August at 2 PM at UCLH. This is open to anyone wherever they are being treated

You will be compensated up to £70 for your travel and refreshments will be provided. Please respond directly to the research team on 07933079428/0203 447 2119 or via email

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Hi Ruth! I won't be able to take part, as I'm off on my hold later that week, and I have a hair appointment booked for that day :-D

It looks an interesting idea. A pity they can't tap in to the comments on HealthUnlocked, especially about healthy eating for recovery, how to effect weight gain VS sickness during chemo and losing weight after being on steroids after chemo and beyond!

Hope things are not too bad with you at the moment :-)

Love Wendy xx


Hi Ruth is this available for those of us in Scotland






Hi Ruth

Sorry I'm in the middle of treatment.



Hello Ruth,

I would be interested in taking part - but again - I'm in Scotland....



hi ruth

i am in the Lake district, near the scottish borders.. any chance ot something like that up here.. i would like to go, all of us up at the neck of the woods would have to stay overnight..etc etc...but i think some of the questions made by wendyde are great... i am struggling with the weight i have put on during chemo... it would also be good to see what tips they had, and what they thought abt things like turmeric etc ... pity there wasnt up herex


Interested but live in NE Scotland!


Dear Harley

Thank you for your interest in the research and I quite understnad that is not going to be possible for many to make the journey. I will pass on the interest that has been generated to the researchers and see if there is a way that they can harness the interest that has been raised. I hope that you are keeping well

Best Wishes



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