Paid Research

Paid Research

I thought I'd share an opportunity. I'm taking part in a research project on Tuesday - and will be paid £170.

The Fielding Co-ordinator tells me they're looking for one more research associate. Are you currently on Avastin? Can you get to London on Tuesday afternoon to take part in a research project? You will be paid £170 cash.

It turns out that the five of us who are helping our with the research are all members of this group. We're meeting up and going on to help with the research project in the Hammersmith Offices of 3M Research at either 4:00 or 5:30 p.m. It's a great opportunity to meet one another! I've taken part in a previous project and it was really interesting - plus the cash is a great incentive!!!!

If you are interested, please contact Sue Morrison who is the recruiter for the research project. Sadly one of our group had to drop out so they're looking for a sixth woman to contribute.

Sue Morrison / Fielding Coordinator

M3 Global Research

First ISO Certified Healthcare Panel in Europe

Galena House, 8-30 Galena Road, Hammersmith, London, W6 OLT

Tel 0208 741 6200 Mobile 07932 997432


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  • I would love to participate but I live in Ireland but would gladly answer any questions the researchers may have by email

  • What a shame. I always enjoy your comments. It would have been great to meet up and I will tell the people there of you just in case it's something you can do online.

    very best wishes, Annie

  • i'd love to do it too if only to meet you and Annie and the other lovely ladies, but sadly the distance would be too great :(

  • Yes I feel the same way Trish. I'm in Scotland Wednesday/Thursday so will be meeting up with some of the members there at a Being Together Day. I'm sure they'll be an occasion for us to get together at some point. We could gently remind the researchers that they're excluding research associates from further afield. xx

  • I think Annie that is very wise ;) Would love to get you over to Dublin and show you the sights!!

  • Dublin is on my bucket list. I've never visited. I'd definitely take you up on a guide of itS wonderful sights. xxx

  • Annie I live in the city centre if you ever fancy a weekend you are welcome to come and stay with me :)

  • Trish, you are such a star! I really will take you up on this, and if you fancy a foray into Welsh Wales - well Cardiff - you are most welcome to stay with me!!!! xx Annie

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