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Need some reassuring

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Just confused and wanted to know if anyone else felt like this early on, had scans that showed 3 ovarian tumours so had a scan with dye that came back showing the cancer in my lymph and womb stage 3 so had biopsies taken in my womb and cervix last Friday and had guided biopsy of my lymph today but the Dr who dud that said he thinks it's cervical now! I was hoping to just get treatment then hysterectomy then treatment and had prepared myself now j have no idea! Did anyone else feel like a roller coaster out of control ?? Things seem to change with every appointment .

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Going through the investigatory phase is a bit like a treasure hunt. They may keep finding bits here and there. In the end the treatment is probably the same I,e. Chemo, op, a bit more chemo. Which is what you had in mind. Chemo you may find easier than anticipated and the op you will be fast asleep. With bestwishes.

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Thank you sooooooooo much ! Just having this group support to turn to means the 🌍x

Glad you are on the way to treating whatever type it is. I went from being told in July 2019 I had a growth on my pancreas that was almost certainly cancer to 11 days later being told it wasn't pancreatic it was probably secondary ovarian on my omentum to then, after further scans, being told it was Primary Peritoneal Cancer stage 4C. on September 23rd 2019. It took way to long and was a complete rollercoaster.I just tried to keep busy. Didn't read up on anything but unfortunately spent 11 days after the pancreatic growth conversation thinking I wouldn't be here by Christmas. I had lost a work colleague very quickly from that diagnosis so didn't need to read the savage reality of that diagnosis.

Try to keep occupied. Do things you want to do that maybe an operation or treatment might delay. Good luck with your outcomes. There is a treatment whatever they finally

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You have definitely had the roller coaster! Thank you 💝 that's the advice and encouragement I need, I will get up today and get on with things X

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Rosebine2 in reply to Newbery3

I never had a biopsy I was given a diagnosis from scan and ascitic fluid. Ive always wondered if the grade has changed once they went in, was 3C allegedly.

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Have you started your treatment towards recovery? I think the waiting and not knowing is the worse thing as the only control we have is getting our treatment plans together x

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Yes, I had an op after initially being told inoperable ! Had 14 cycles of chemo. At present on Niraparib, next scan in a weeks time. Im so glad in a way that I was diagnosed pre covid as my treatment has not been halted at all.

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Fantastic 👏 can you believe how we get through these things! Good luck with scan and keep posting! X

Hi Newbery3

It’s the standard treatment - usually 3 cycles of chemo, an op and 3 more cycles of chemo. Our local consultant, speaking at our support group, called it ‘belt and braces’. Mine was nearly 20 years ago and it was only surgery then, unless the surgery wasn’t able to remove it all (fingers crossed, he did!) All the best for your treatment xx

Hi Newbery3 . I had a total hysterectomy and debunking. It was done by keyhole surgery. I also had the omendum removed . I was very nervous and the day before I went to my local beauty salon and had a crystal therapy session. I can honestly say I was so calm before the op and made a quick recovery. Good luck and a speedy recovery . Jessie

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I'm getting reiki sent from my group that I used to attend😊 had a chat with the oncology nurse this avo and she said they think now thats its secondary to my ovaries 🤷‍♀️I'm lost now! Will know at my next appointment on the 19th May! X

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