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extremely anxious

i am feeling so scared and stressed i have stage 4 oc and have been treated with chemo six sessions, but my oncologist has said that it will come back in about 1 to 2 years which freaked me out, although he was probably telling the truth due to experience i do lthink that there are better ways of saying it then being so blunt. has anyone else experience stage 4 oc many thanks this site has been such a help xl

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Dear Nikki,

Of course you are feeling scared and stressed. What an insensitive -and, frankly wrong- thing to say!!

I don't care how experienced, educated, wonderful, etc, etc he is; he does NOT KNOW what will happen for you. Ok, so the odds are in favour of recurrence, perhaps, but that is just so many statistics, and YOU ARE NOT A STATISTIC!!

Nikki, if you have it, read "Anticancer" again -and if you don't, get it. Although David S-S has just died form his cancer, he survived for 18 years longer than he 'should' have, and he is inspirational and can show you ways to make recurrence much less likely - and if it comes, to be in better shape to cope, too. I was also pole-axed by the prognosis for my disease (3c), but then heard stories of so many who had defied them on this board and amongst my friends and acquaintances. Don't let it get to you - get angry and defy them instead!

Oh, and there was a report this morning about research into a new use for a current drug to stop recurrence- so treatments are improving all the time too.

Onward, upward, and together we will get through - despite the pessimists!

Much love,



Hi Nikki.

I have stage 3 with a Primary peritoneal diagnosis, now 21 months into remission, its so true what Isadora said " we are all individuals" there is no telling when it will come back.

You hang on in there and fight this with us we will show them!!

Yes new treatments are being found now, they are working hard to come up with something for us, so we must be here to try them out!!!

Chin Up please, and keep smiling.


Hi Nikki!

Just want to say you really are not alone. The other two women have said it all, wise words from them ...just keep looking on the site to get the support you need at this time and have faith that your treatment will be planned for you. Take one step at a time and give yourself little treats, even if it's just having a favourite drink and a staer at the birds in the garden. It all calms you and gives you a bit of me time

Love Wendy xx


Hi Nikki

I was diagnosed with Stage 4 in April 2010. Had surgery and chemo. Unfortunately the oncologist I was supposed to be with was on maternity leave so I rarely saw the same one twice. The first one I had an appointment with was very blunt and to the point. He told me that if there was anything I wanted to do I'd better do it now..........that coupled with the statistics of the '5 year survival rate' scared the hell out of me. Fortunately everyone I've seen since has been more positive. Everyone is different and there are ladies on this site who have survived way past the time the statistics state. So I prefer to listen to them. Try to keep positive (there's that word again!) and enjoy everything life has to offer.

Chris x


Hi Nikki

I was diagnosed with oc stage 4 in February 2004. It came back after 3 years and I felt well during those 3 years, It has also come back since but I take it one bit at a time otherwise I wouldn't cope. I am still hear 7 years later so take heart and remember they are not God, they don't know how long we have to live!! Take care of yourself by pampering yourself and maybe getting some relaxation tapes.

Lots of love



dear clematis thankyou so much for your comment i am so scared and feel that i have no future, i wake with knots in my stomach, it is so good to hear of someone else with stage 4 oc. i wonder why it comes back when some other cancers are cured? anyway thank you once again and look after yourself love nikkixxx


Hi Nikki I know it is difficult but try to take it one day at a time. I know at the beginning I took it one minute at the time if necessary and still do someimes. Try to build up a network of friends, church, books whatever hobbies you have that help take your mind off. You will feel better eventually and yes you do have a future.

I am off to the South Coast for some sea air from Monday so take care.

Love Clematis xx


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