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Christmas is coming!

Christmas is coming!

Well, as much as I hate hearing Jingle Bells as I do my weekly shop in September, there is simply no getting away from Christmas in the office. Not that we are all whistling carols as we work you understand, rather that September sees the arrival of the Ovacome Christmas cards.

In the normal run of things, the office has adequate space for swinging a (toy) cat in, but as you can see, things do get a little more cramped at this time of year.

So this year as you write your cards you can feel doubly warm - supporting Ovacome, and helping to raising awareness of ovarian cancer

To order your Christmas cards, and give our ever tolerant office manager her space back, please check out the Ovacome website by clicking here:

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well, I can't imagine why you aren't whistling carols as you work? heh heh. Christmas...aargh, it always starts too early, then arrives before one is ready!

thank you for the blog shout sweetie! :o) A lot of women visit the blog from here, I am so hoping it helps them cope.



ordered today! nice new design for 2010!


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