thank you

Hello... I would just like to thank each and everyone of you for all you kind words and support especially as you all have so much going on in your own lives.. I cant tell you how much it means to me that you can all take time out to show how you care.. Thank you..

I havent decided what im going to do just yet. When i do i will let you all jnow..

Im at the hospital again today as ive been getting quite a lot of pain in the pelvis area.

Hope your all ok..

Lots and lots of love



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  • Good luck with whatever you decide. I hope today's hospital appointment gives some respite for you. Do give the team at Ovacome a ring when you feel up to it. They are so experienced and understanding. It's on 0845 371 0554.

    Love Wendy xx

  • Thanks wendy..


  • Dear Suzanne

    I hope the hospital visit sorts this pelvic pain out for you. I'm also thinking of you with all the other stuff and hoping you find a way through.

    Love Annie xx

  • They are sending me for an MRI so bit more worry till its done but then hopefully ill feel better..

    Thank you


  • My step-daughter told my husband that I should receive one compliment a day from him. That would make anyone feel better. xxxx

  • Dear Suzanne . Hope all goes ok with appointment . There is a lot of thinking and decision making you need to do but the main one is focus on you and getting well .We are here if you want to share



  • Thank you.. It is a great comfort to me knowing i have support on here

    love suzanne


  • Hi Suzanne,

    Sending you my very best wishes,hope all goes well today.. thinking of you love x G x :-)

  • Thanks Gwyn.. It went ok but there sending me for an MRI so ill worry till its done then hopefully ill feel better


    Love suzanne.. Hope your ok.


  • Hi Suzanne,

    Been away , just saw what happened last week.Unbelievable! Can't imagine how you must feel.Thinking of you and hoping today went ok.


  • Thanks julie.. I am feeling a little better. Hospital appt was ok but have to go for MRI.

    I hope you enjoyed your little break and that your feeling ok at the moment.

    love suzanne


  • Hi Suzanne

    I hope your hospital visit reassured you and that you are feeling a bit better.Your physical and emotional health has had a terrible battering, so try and be very good to yourself.

    Thinking of you

    Love as always

    Charlie xxx

  • Hi Charlie.. Hospital was ok just have to have a MRI hopefully all will be ok.. Thank


    Love suzanne


  • Hi Suzanne

    Hope they sorted out something for you for the pain.

    Love and prayers

    Anne x

  • Hi Anne Im still in pain it seems to be worse when i wake up.. They didnt give me anything but are sending me for MRI so hopefully it will be ok.. Its just worrying not knowing why it hurts

    Love Suzanne...


  • Hi Suzanne,

    Hope you got your pain sorted out

  • Hi..

    Still in pain im afraid they dont know why.. So are sending me for an MRI.


  • I'm still waiting ona date for my MRI its very frustrating

  • Yeah it really is i hope we arnt waiting to long..


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