Big Thank you

Hello everyone.

I just wanted to say thank you for all the Birthday messages. And Especially to Gwyn for the lovely poem, It meant a lot and really made me smile..

It was a very quiet birthday, not much celebrating was done. Myself and Mark seem to be going through a rough patch so my birthday was clouded by arguments.

My daughter tried her best to make it nice for me.

Thanks once again to all who wished me a happy birthday.

Lots of love

Suzanne. xxxx

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    I am proud that Your last poem was for me..


    :) :) :)

  • Belated happy birthday Suzanne. I have missed a lot of postings recently due to not being online for long periods at a time. So hope you will forgive me for not posting on the day. I'm still playing catch up.

    I am saddened that what should have been a celebration day was marred with arguments. Your daughter does sound wonderful. I love my son unconditionally and he's wonderful, but I sometimes read about the special relationships women have with their daughters on here and can't help but feel envious. I think it may be the 'woman' thing, even though the men in my life (that sounds more exciting than it actually is - Husband and son I mean) are wonderful beyond words, I always feel that a mother/daughter relationship can be ultra special.

    I am even more saddened to hear that this forum seems to be changing. As a new member, I don't know how it used to be, but it has given me a lot of answers, support and hope since I found it.

    Love Tay xx

  • Hi Tay.

    Thank you for the belated happy birthday wish.

    I love my daughter so very much and love spending time with her.. It is sad that this special day was not all it could have been. Next year I think i will take myself away for the day.

    It is very sad that this site is not what it used to be,When i joined it was an amazing place to come for help and most of all support, I think that maybe the reason for this site has been lost somewhere along the way. I have to admit that i don't come on here as much as i used too.

    Maybe you could join us on FB.

    Hope you are well

    Lots of love

    suzanne. xxxx

  • Sorry Gwyn.

    I wasn't trying to poach any one!


  • If I remember rightly, the break to form a new forum on facebook was at a time when a few ladies did not like men being on ovacome since they themselves were not dealing with the disease but acting as carers. I do remember being told in rather stern terms I would never be allowed to join the fb forum. Hence the forming of a clique which did have an affect on the good work overcome provide. My advice is to stay with overcome and not join a forum wherby someone decides who can join and who cant. It stinks!!!

  • I was being FRIENDLY!!! something that most people on here have forgotten how to be!!!

  • All I will say is that there were some ladies who actually thought Sandra did not exist and was a figment of my imagination. All said in private on facebook. It still stinks!!!

  • I did not hear any off that.

    I do not think there is anything wrong with creating the facebook page. I am sorry that you feel it should not exist. To my knowledge I haven't done or said anything wrong to you. And I did not do anything wrong in inviting someone to join a different group. I was not suggesting for one minute that the person leave this group or stop asking for advise on this site.

    I do not know how this has turned in to this.

    I have nothing more to say!!

  • I am trying to save a situation that has been taken out of context I have read it over and over again to see why you got upset and then I realised that you read it wrong.

    I feel upset too that you have not understood anything about grief. xx

  • Sorry your birthday wasn't the best ever Suzanne, though glad that your lovely daughter did her best for you. Hope things will get better for you.

    Also a shame that Gwyn won't be posting any more birthday poems but I do understand why and I agree with you Gwyn.

    Love Mary xx

  • Glad that you had some good moments for your birthday, Suzanne, but, a bit like the situation on here a bit, it's tinged with sadness. Hope there are more happy moments than sad ones in the year ahead

    Love Wendy xx

  • Hi, I know nothing about what has gone on in the past, and I don't really want to, to be honest. I am glad this forum is open to men too, after all, you are in a way going through this with your loved one. I know my husband has been with me every step of the way.

    I met a girl at a meeting I attended, she was from a cervical cancer group and invited me to like her page on Facebook. I can only say I much prefer this than a Facebook forum as non members of the group would be able to read the comments. I don't think I'd join a fb forum! Ann

  • I have nothing to say to people about this anymore.

    If certain people were not getting at me then they should not have commented on my post!!!

    I have been shocked and stunned by some responses but now know where I stand.

    To say I nothing about grief is just rude!! You have no idea how much grief i have dealt with. So have no right to judge

  • Hi everyone

    I am just playing catch up on posts so I am late reading what has been going on. I am so sad to read all this. This site and the people on it have been such a support to people like myself even though I don't post often. Why do people form special cliques? Shouldn't we all be there for one another?

    Hope everyone is doing as well as they can.

    Chris x x

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