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HRT thoughts and options post hysterectomy 1c clear cell and partial molar


It is now 10 months since full hysterectomy, 3.5 months since my chemo finished and thankfully I am currently 'clear'. At the time of discovering my tumor, it was also discovered that I had had a partial molar pregnancy. I am stage 1c clear cell.

I have been given the go ahead what with my hCG levels back to normal, to start on HRT. Or not. It is a complete minefield. Do I? Don't I? What type etc? I am seeing a menopausal specialist and quite frankly I want him to tell me what is best for me since I just do not know where to start or even know what is best for me. However I have to investigate what to do and see him at the end of next week with my 'considerations'. All my hormone and bone density tests have been done (feedback next week).

I know perhaps my situation is unique (1c and partial molar) but any help or advice would be great on HRT.

I am 41.

Many many thanks


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I had 1c clear cell in one ovary, plus a second primary of endometrioid in the other. Both the gynaecologist and oncologist advised against HRT in case it stimulated growth of the cancer- also advised to avoid over the counter preparations like red clover etc. I was 42 at the time and went through a rapid menopause- worst bit was the hot flushes and vaginal dryness. Flushes are much less four years on and I use Replens for dryness on a daily basis- works well. No recurrence as yet, I've been very lucky. Everyone is different though, so you might get different advice based on your situation. Hope this helps.

Polly x


Hi Bells,

I am sorry I haven't any words of wisdom for you,but you could give the Ovacome helpline a ring and speak to Ruth Payne she is very good with advice and might be able to help best wishes with your decision,I am thinking of you love x G x

The tel number is :- 08453710554


Hi Bells

I had a mucinous borderline tumour removed. I had terrible menopause symptoms in hospital and went straight onto Evorel patches. These have worked really well , my hair and skin look so much better than before the operation , as I had been really anaemic for ages. However I have had problems wthis the patches causing a skin rash. To stay on they need to be fairly sticky , so when removed they seem to really cause problems. In summer I ended up with blisters on my behind, so changed to tablets.You can get by on a lower dose of oestrogen if it is delivered by patch that in tablet form , as the liver breaks down oestrogen.

My consultant is adamant that these are fine for me , in any case I am seeing her every 6 months. The evidence is that up untill the average of the menopause i.e. 52 HRT is only replacing a part of oestrogen that our ovaries would have produced. After that the extra risk of say breast cancer with oestrogen only HRT is minimal for another 5 years. We also need to factor in osteoporosis prevention and the effect menopausal mood changes , hot flushes etc would have on our poor battered little immune systems.

Many doctors seem to start people on patches as it is easy to increase the dose and also easy to come off gradually. However there are also gels available.

I hope this is of some help.




If it's of any help I also had op aged 41 (18 yrs ago) and went into immediate menopause. I wasn't with it enough to ask what was happening about hormone replacement as I was still recovering from the op and the oncoming chemo. I had adeoncarcinoma stage II of the ovary and was treated for 6 months with chemo.

I suffered for a week or so with all sorts of mad symptoms then rang the hospital and then gave me a prescription for HRT patches. I thought this would be a neat way to take the med but found I ended up with dirty itchy sticky circles over my body. I then moved to oestrogen only pill.

I have been taking this ever since. Over the years there have been various medical reports on the benefits, dangers and horrors of taking hrt. Some doc's have had the vapours when taking my notes and find out I'm on it. ( I also has a post caesarian PE 30yrs ago) However I took the view that it was just replacing what would be there normally. I did cut the dosage down when I was in my early 50's after succumbing to the argument that i would likely be having a natural menopause at that age but the night sweats started back with a vengance and my hair and skin didn't look or feel too good.

I had reason to return to the gynae dept for routine appt and told the Prof that I had stopped. He asked why and I told him that'd I'd read up and the current view was that it could increase the likelihood of breast cancer. He enquired whether I had family history of breast cancer, which I don't. He then said that if he attempted to take the HRT away from his wife she'd fight him for it!

That was good enough for me.

I must emphasis I've never had any bad side effect from HRT; only positive benefits . So, I am still taking it and, unless there's a pressing medical reason why I should stop, I will do so for the foreseeable future.


Hi Bells

I was diagnosed with 3a ov ca 3 years ago, with the same treatment after ( 6 chemo cycles) and avastin on a trial. After my op the surgeon gave me hrt, the oestragen only one in tablet form as she said it would help, my onc was happy for me to continue as she thought the benefits outweighed the risk. I had to stop recently for an op on my liver, and after asked if I could restart as the dreaded symptoms were coming back. My onc was fine about it.

Hope that helps



Hi Bells

I think that it is very much a personal decision, based on how the symptoms are affecting you. I did not want to take HRT as my symptoms were not so bad.

Its now 12 years since my hysterectomy (we are the same age now, 41) and the only thing that concerns me is my bone density, so I have started taking calcium tablets and am being sent for a bone density scan.



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