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Ovarian cancer clear cell 1c june 2010

Im tarouza again ,

Ihad my first left ovarian tumor cancer size 9x11x8 cm clear cell 1c in june 2011 ,i have been treated with 6 cycles of chemeoterapy after one year that is 2012 i had a primary metstatic peritonial tumor 6 cm treated with avastin and surgery then avastin of total 18 cycles till january 2015 I stopped treatment and all my ct scan and petscan and ca125 were normall untill 10 june 2016 , my last scan show a new nodule increased in size from 1,4 to 1,8 cm , in the left pelvis in contact with the left vaginal vault , i made my biopsy and i will receive the result next monday.

Did any of you ladies had such experience? What should i do know?

Is there treatment ?

I would like to know in what stage am i?what we call another recurence from the first one?

Waiting your advises

Love you all

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Sorry I cannot be of any help, I'm on my first round of chemotherapy, just wanted to wish you well.

Mandy, xx

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I'm sorry you've found yourself with another stressful time. I can't offer any advice or share experiences as I was only diagnosed with clear cell 1c grade 3 in March this year and am currently receiving chemo. I hope you will receive some replies from the lovely ladies on here buyt if not please write all your questions so you can go through them next week. Take care



I had recurrence last year with a pelvic tumour. My consultant referred to a trial that involved surgery instead of chemo. He said it was controversial but I was willing to give it a go. Surgery was very intense. The tumour very deep took 7 hours to remove. However had three doses of chemo and been NED. Next scan is August.

If you are not happy always get a second opinion

LA xx


Hello Tarouza, so sorry that your cancer is on the move again and you're uncertain what happens next. My ovarian cancer is a different sort from yours so I can't really help. I just want to wish you well with whatever does come next. I agree with what Clare (Choski) says - write a list of all your questions you'd like to ask your Oncologist and have the list out. Don't be embarrassed to have it on show because lots of people take lists with them to their appointments. I didn't used to like to and even with my husband there as well, we always forgot what I wanted to ask.

Just want to wish you Good Luck, love Solange 😊

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Hi, good advice about writing a list and taking it with you. The othgothger thing you could do ius telephone Ruth, the nurse in thgthge Ovacome help line. She might be azaz me to answer your questions. Good luck. Ann x


I agree ring Ruth the Ovacome Nurse on Monday. I suppose you will have to wait for the result of the biopsy to see if you need treatment and what kind, Best perhaps to also have a list of questions for your consultant and bring someone else with you as a second pair of ears. They just might do watch and wait so just see what plan they come up with at your appointment.

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I was also diagnosed with OVCA clear cell stage 1c, tumor burst in surgery. Another read on pathology thought it may be 2c. Wonderful. Original dx June 2013, treatment finished end of 2013. I was told that for recurrence they don't really restage you but just classify it as recurrent OVCA, clear cell type. This is as opposed to resistant cancer which is cancer that has not responded at all to frontline. Small comfort. I was also told that if you were originally platinum (carbo) sensitive (defined as not have recurred for at least 6 months after frontline), you were a candidate for carbo/taxol again at some point. Have you explored that? Also, very popular in Canada is the use of radiation (targeted or whole pelvic) for clear cell. I was offered that on top of chemo and surgery (I am in the US) but was so overwhelmed and scared of the possible permanent side effects that I chose "just" to do the chemo and surgery. Am a bit haunted and hoping that was a wise decision in retrospect as research has shown that radiation can be very effective with clear cell. Radiation may be an option for you to reduce the size of the nodule, please ask about that. Keep us posted and hugs from across the pond.

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