The differences between serous papillary and clear cell?

Hiah, I had serous pappillary on my ovary and had carbo and taxol - I recently found out I also had clear cell in my uterus but no one else has actually spoken about this to me. When I asked why? - I was told that Serous and clear cell are very similar but I understand that clear cell doesn`t respond well to chemo, unyet my oncologist told me that serous responds really well to the treatment. I question how can they be similar if that is the case? Sorry I can`t be of any help, I am actually really confussed about it now too.

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  • I have serous papillary and didnt respond to taxol carboplatin. I need to do a bit more research but kind of a bit scared to google.....

    K x

  • "I have serous papillary and didnt respond to taxol carboplatin".


    Please can you remind me which chemo they are trying next with you?

    I tried caeylx which didn't work either. I am now at a crossroads again.

    Love Lizzie


  • Hi

    Im waiting for a referral to the Royal Marsden any day so I dont know what they are going to give me next. My OC is grade 1 but stage 3 as it had spread to omentum and 5 weeks ago I had debulking that went really well all the tumours were removed apart from a 'film' of cancer on or near the diaphragm. I just cant figure out how it had spread so much if its grade 1 (Ive got the pathology report and seen that for myself) and the onc confirmed that it was grade 1 throughout. I had no symptoms and Im still 'well'- I felt the lump in my abdo thats why i went to the drs. Does anyone know of chemo that is effective for slow growing cancer?

    K x

  • Blimmy that sounds terrifying for you both, May I ask what GRADE your cancers are?

    My serous was an aggresive high grade, but was told that it is more responsive to the carbo, taxol and my CA125 fell by 1,000.

    I am also still confussed by the way I was STAGED at 2c - because it had spread to my bowel and uterus (with clear cell), they also removed my appendix and omentrum but only found cells in those areas. I thought that once cancer had spread it would be staged at a 3 or 4?????? Anyone know.

  • Hi Tina,

    Mine is agressive high grade cancer, so yes it is leaping along and does not respond to chemo (refractory disease). I am currently having the histology double checked at UCL to make sure it is serous papillary. Glad your CA125 is falling. Terrified is not how I feel, I have been upset but all life ends. I know I may not live much longer - I have survived 10 months past diagnosis, but will keep looking for something to prolong life for as long as I can.

    From cancer research Staging:-

    Stage 3 cancer of the ovary means the cancer has spread outside the area surrounded by your hip bones (the pelvis) into the abdominal cavity. Your cancer is also stage 3 if cancer is found in the lymph nodes in your upper abdomen (tummy), groin or behind the womb.

    My knowledge of anatomy can help you no further!

    Love Lizzie


  • You sound so brave Lizzie! It`s a miricle how we respond and cope with bad news when we need too, sure we are all dieing, something no man can ever escape from that fact, even when we are healthy, life is passing us by and that`s the way I see things now.

    How old are you Lizzie? I ask because I am interested on the different ages this cancer strikes us ladies. I am 53, was diagnosed at 51, lost my own mother at the age of 47 to the disease( she passed away on her birthday).

    I have inherrited the faulty braca one gene and so has my youngest daughter, still waiting for my eldest daughters results. But hay ho, only 10% of the worlds population have cancer through a faulty inherrited gene, so even without the faulty gene all the human race is at risk. I try to see my glass as half full - we can always swing a situation round to a positive one.

    I am not scared of death - but I am scared of the suffering leading up to it, I just hope that when my time comes it`ll be quick and painless with time to prepare.

    Love from Tina xxxxx with one massive gentle hug !!!!!!

  • Hi Tina,

    I am 45 now. I was diagnosed at 44. Hoping to make it to 46 in late June. I am not brave, I cry sometimes and feel sorry for myself. I try not to make it too often for my own sake and those around me! I completely agree about the dying process being the fear. I have told my husband just to beg them to drug me up. I am sure dying of oc is not going to be easy, but then is birth or death ever easy?

    Massive gently hug gratefully received and returned.

    Love Lizzie


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