sorry not posted for a while

Sorry have not posted for a while. I hope everyone had a lovely Xmas with family and friends. Unfortunately was admitted to hospital last week and only got home on Xmas eve. Partial bowel obstruction so no turkey dinner for me !! Turns out cancer has came back on the lining of the bowel bit off a shocker to say the least as a scan 5 week ago was all clear !! Waiting now to start 3rd line treatment but not sure what will be or when start. Talk about bad timing. Have a syringe driver giving me steroids and drug to help bowels move so hears hoping does the trick as surgeon feels surgery would be to complicated and risky !!

Sending love and best wishes

Ally x

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  • Dear Ally

    I'm sorry to hear about this setback. What a nightmare being whisked off to hospital and returning home Christmas Eve. I just hope you had a lot of support all that while.

    You'd had a lot to take in over just a few days. I hope the syringe driver is making you comfortable and the bowel blockage is easing. What drug helps that?

    I shall be starting third line soon too. I don't have a date. Just know there's progression so there's another round of chemo to get through. Keep in touch and let us know how you're getting on. My next dose is Caelyx and Carboplatin but in view of NICE's recent announcement I wondered whether I should try Taxol as I haven't had it before and it keeps options open. I'll have to see what the oncy recommends.

    I hope you had a lovely time with your children over Christmas. It must be a relief to be at home.

    Sending loads of love and hugs. xxx Annie

  • Hi Annie, I too have not tried Taxol. It was something mentioned for my pallative care at a later date but with less than 15% success rate? Im not a gambler but 15% sounds good to me compared with no treatment!! Just want to do something positive but onc holding back for now. Hope you had great Christmas and best wishes for New Year. Love Carole x

  • Hi Carole

    Sounds as though you're in good hands with your hospital. I think it's a good plan to hold back if they say that's the best course of action. I'm spending my hospital holiday looking at improving my general fitness. I'd become a bit of a couch potato over the last couple of months and felt very achy. I'm not sure which is chicken and which is egg, but my New Year's Resolution is to get up a bit earlier, out with the dog on my bike, or walk, and swim at least 3 times a week. hmmmm need to lose a bit of weight too after Christmas!

    Sending loads of love and all the best for a great New Year. xxx Annie

  • Thanks Annie

    your positive thinking is a great inspiration to me! Xxx

  • lol I'm not always positive by any means Carole - I just probably sit in my darkened cave when I'm feeling low and I only come out when I feel better. I think all of us must have our moments of doubt and upset? It's good if we can encourage one another in whatever way we can. This forum is certainly brilliant for that. xxxxx

  • Dear Ally, I spent Christmas 2004 in hospital waiting for my newly formed colostomy to decide to work so I think I had my xmas dinner on Valentines day.This year I have had a bowel blockage over the xmas week but luckily had two meals out before so soup didn't seem so bad.If I suspect that I am getting blocked I use lactulose to soften stools and drink as much as is possible.50 per cent of the time that avoids a trip to hospital but it can take a couple of weeks to clear up.Avoid any drugs that cause constipation,I have been in hospital before for bowel blockage and prescribed painkillers with codeine in that are known to cause constipation.Good luck. Love Viv.

  • Sorry to hear your news but enjoy the New Year as best you can. Bowel blockage is my worst fear as I have piles and take co codamol. Lactoluse daily helped by movicol twice a week help keep me regular for now but am having radiotherapy to shrink tumor in pelvis new years eve so hope this eases pressure. No fun is it? Have had a fabulous Christmas with my grandson and my husband and I are going to my brothers for new years day dinner so no cooking this year is a first. Hope all goes well for you and best wishes for a Happy, healthy New Year! Love Carole xx

  • Hi Ally. Just want t o wish you a speedy recovery from the bowel blockage. Its not very nice, I had one last year. Hope you managed to have a nice Christmas Day despite not having had a turkey dinner. Good luck. Ann xo

  • HI Ally, sorry to hear you ended up in hospital, I hope things are more comfortable for you today and at least you are at home. I hope the medication starts working for you soon sending you best wishes

  • Hi Ally,

    Try eating plenty of fruit everyday, my husband also gives me a guiness shandy these seem to help if that fails I take nova all not sure I've spelt that right. Do t seem to be able to spell since chemo.

    On a negative note when I had my op they said there were more things than had shown on my scan.

    Also my CA 125 hS gone down to 25 which is a normal reading but I still have cancerous cells behind the small bowel don't really u der stand all this.

    I hope that you will soon be feeling better regards Sue

    Woody 64

  • Hi Ally that should read movecal

  • Hi Ally - sounds like a nightmare! Hope you managed to have a good Christmas despite your problems. Good luck with the treatment when it starts. Wishing you the very best in the New Year.


    Annette xxx

  • hi Ally

    I am sorry to hear your news but glad you're back home and sounding remarkably sunny considering. It really is a bugger! I was taken into hospital 2 years ago on xmas eve for a week due to bad reaction to chemo and felt very sorry for myself on xmas day there even. This year was my granddaughter Lily's first xmas and we were all excited and then all ended up with bad colds and I felt disappointed to be poorly but then I remembered 2 years ago when I didn't think I'd still be here now so that made me realise how lucky I am to still be alive and feeling pretty well really. I've got a scan on 8th jan and we'll see what's going then as cA125 been going up again since July. I've had 5 lots of chemo in last 10years but between times I've been very well(apart from this bloody cold!). Sending you hope for successful treatment and a happy and healthy new year

    love Francesca x

  • Thank you everyone for all the advice and well wishes. As always it is much appreciated and helpful at this time. Thankfully feeling a wee bit better every day


    Ally xx

  • Hi Ally -- me either, but I am posting more because I've felt I am neglecting you all. Am so sorry the beast is back :( and yes it's crappy timing for Christmas. Hope they get you sorted out. Sounds like you were responsive to chemo each time, so hope and trust it will be so this time too


    Sue xxx

  • Hi I do hope all goes well for you and wish you a happy healthy 2015. Kim x

  • Thank you on the mend

  • The big holiday of Christmas and new year is what we all hope to enjoy, but as is all too often the case 'Life' has other plans. Sorry to hear about the blockage. It is so frustrating to be taking tablets to sort out one problem only to find out they cause another problem. With me it is pain-killers causing constipation meaning I have to take laxatives to overcome the 'bunged-up' problem.

    Best wishes and love to all - Pat

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