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Penny brohn cancer care centre Bristol

hi everyone,

I wanted to tell people about the above care centre. I attended one of their courses last weekend and it was fantastic. They teach you about their healthy living "Bristol approach".

Have a look on their website for details. I have been on a roller coaster since being diagnosed stage 4 last December. I have had chemo, surgery then more chemo.

I am now waiting for further tests as it looks like I am already having a recurrence. I have obviously been very stressed. However I feel so much more in control since returning from the Penny Brohn centre.

They teach you about having a healthy diet and various relaxation techniques. The Bristol approach is something that you use alongside your treatments and can help you deal with them.

I found out about the centre from someone else's blog so wanted to share my experience with lots of other people. It is worth checking it out.


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I'm going on a day course with my cancer support group in a couple of weeks. a lot of people from the group have been to stay and felt it helps them.


So glad you got so much support from them. I found their site so useful when I was first diagnosed, nearly 9 years ago now, I used one of their tapes which I used with my Walkman ( a blast from the past!), which had relaxation, visualisation and meditation sections. I still use it from time to time when I find it hard to sleep. Never fails. Their advice on vitamins and healthy eating is spot on. I often recommend the site to women on here, as I found it very useful to support what I was already doing.

All the best

Wendy xx


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