Ding Ding .End of round four!

Had the last chemo nearly 2 weeks ago.This round has been very up and down and a bit tough at times. I do feel better than when I started it, though still quite tired.

But I'm free at last!

Got my hair highlighted and lowlighted today ( thanks for all the helpful answers to my hair question last week!) I'm really pleased with it.

I'm going on holiday to Wales on Thursday, and really looking forward to that.

Then after that I see my oncologist, but I'm not even going to think about that for now.

Summer is here(despite the weather)!

Best wishes to all,


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  • Hi Julie

    It might be nice weather by then... have a good holiday where in Wales are you going?

    love x G x :-)

  • Hi Gwyn

    Thanks . I'm going to Penrhyndeudreath near Porthmadog. Been before and its lovely.

    Whatever the weather I'm hoping for a nice relaxing break.


  • Ah the memories of Sunday School Outings in the 50's! Plastic macs and fish and chips! Penrhyndaudreath in the rain! I don't remember any good summers in the 50's! Even swimming in Hoylake baths (open air) seems to have been mostly colder and wetter out of the water than in, and these days my grandsons wear wet suits for open air swimming!

    Glad to hear you are feeling better Julie!

    I am thinking of asking my hairdresser about highlights again! It grew back very grey and I am growing it a bit!


  • Oh Margaret! Are you suggesting that I need to get a wetsuit?! Have checked the forecast and the outlook is showery,you could well be right.LOL.I actually went there last summer and it was really hot , but I have accepted this was probably a fluke.

    Funny what you say about the 50's......my childhood holidays were in the 60's and 70's and it was usually really hot....Norfolk, Clacton,Eastbourne, Margate and Ballybunion(Ireland) all baking hot.There was one exception, Hastings, where we had a caravan on the edge of a cliff and storms including gale force winds made us leave after 3 days!

    You always make me laugh


  • Not at all Julie just that my grandsons are, as we say in Yorkshire, 'nesh' ! Having never seen it written down I am not sure of the spelling but basically it means 'soft'!

    Ah! Clacton in the 70's! Took my kids there! And Hunstanton, Frinton, Jaywick and Walton on the Naze. Funnily I remember the weather as better then too! We lived in Bishop Stortford at the time, later it was Sandsend, Robin Hood's bay and Filey and, of course Porthcawl, where the inlaws lived! Only 2 kinds of weather! If you can see Devon it's about to rain, if you can't it is raining! Good for me as I am UV sensitive! LOL!


  • Hi Julie

    I've never been there, but it sounds very nice, I am well impressed with your spelling, I wonder if you can say it as well !!l haha....we spent about six consecutive years going to Anglesy and it rained every time LOL my two sons loved it (fishing etc) but my daughter hated it.. but I enjoyed it rain or no rain... have a very very very good time love x G x :-)

  • Hello Gwyn,

    Just doing my packing.Yes my Welsh could do with improvement, hope to pick up a few words but its all quite baffling to me:-)


  • Hi Julie

    A nice easy one.... "No Star".... means.. "Goodnight"...enjoy your packing we will miss you... You haven't said how long you are going for... ? ? ? Have a nice time and No Star (goodnight) love x G x :-)

  • will be away for 8 or 9 days. no star.


  • Dim parcio on signs= No Parking! Enjoy! LOL

  • Hi Julie

    Missing you already.... I am going to carry on writing on this blog to push you into the popular box....haha ...

    love x G x :-)

  • Hi Julie . Hope you have a lovely time and hope you feel better soon . Hope the weather gets better


  • Hi Ally

    Thanks.Whatever the weather it will be a good break.


  • Hi Julie,

    Have a great holiday. Try and get lots of rest if you can in the sunshine! Well fingers crossed for that anyway.

    Hugs Jackie xxxx

  • Thanks Jackie, fingers toes and every thing else crossed!


  • Yay, hope you have a good time, whatever the weather, you deserve some pampering. Have a lovely relaxing time.



  • Thanks Sue.Whatever its like in Wales I am sure Barcelona will be really hot.


  • Congratulations Julie!! We ought to compile a list of things that cheer us up. A trip to the hairdressers and holidays are at the top of my list. As lovely as it is in Norfolk its nice to leave now and again. Its a long old journey from here to Wales we've done that a few times but I love Wales. Really hope you get some decent weather but they'l be plenty to do.

    Are your girls coming too?



  • Thanks Sarah.Yes its a long old journey, but I only need to get as far as Oxfordshire , my friend is driving after that. In fact , driving to Oxfordshire is on my list of things to cheer me up , as I have just got myself a new(er) car and i'm looking forward to giving it a good run.Will take lots of breaks on the way though.

    one of my girls is in France, and the other is working at the moment, in fact its 3 years since we all went away together. We may do something later this summer though, depending on how things go.


  • Treat yourself to some good CDs. I've been in Norwich today and in one shop they were playing 'Disco Fever' and I'm going to get it for the car even though no one else will like it!!

    Have a lovely time.


  • Yes got some new CDs the other day...The Police and Coldplay and sounds of the 70s.Will be turning it up really loud.


  • Dear Julie

    Brilliant you're feeling a bit better and a huge HOORAY for finishing your chemotherapy. I really hope your holiday in North Wales is full of happiness and pampering. It's a long journey from Norfolk to North Wales. It's worth it even if it does rain because it's so amazingly beautiful and the air's so fresh.

    Pack your wellies and waterproofs, relax, recuperate and have a wonderful time.

    'Cariad mawr' as they say in some parts of Wales - but that will be open to debate as there's no exact translation for ' lots of love'. xxx Annie

  • Thanks Annie. I'm sure it will be lovely whatever the weather :-)


  • or pob hwyl!...... :-)

  • Have a great holiday, fingers crossed for the outcome of the chemo.


  • Thanks Jane.


  • So pleased for you Julie, I'm sure you'll have a lovely time, whatever the weather.

    My husband and I "ran away" to Wales with our caravan this time last year after bad news and again being told I could have no more treatment. It rained an awful lot but we had a super, restful time in beautiful scenery, just in a farmer's field, with gorgeous horses in the next field and a wonderful mountain view.Did us the world of good and we came home feeling "normal" again and I said to all the family - I'm still me - I'm the same old Mum/Gran, life goes on (But I couldn't help touching wood !)

    Best wishes, Solange x

  • Thankyou Solange.

    Where I am staying is really beautiful, mountains on one side and sea on the other, I'm glad to hear you had a good holiday in Wales.


  • Hello julie..

    Well donr you for getting through your treatment..

    I hope you have a lovely break in wales take it easy and relax,,

    lots of love



  • Thankyou Suzanne .

    I hope all goes well for you next week and you get the right answers to all your questions.

    Love Juliex

  • Hi Julie,

    Just looked at the weather forecast...and it will be a better day for you tomorrow... sun as well as rain.. sun's good.... love x G x :-)

  • Forgot to send a row of smiley faces x G x

    :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)) :-) :-)

  • Hi Julie,

    One more then you'll be up to 33 (teehee)... I thought I would try to do other faces but it didn't work...:-) ;-) :/)

  • Hi Julie

    Your second day... It is sunny this morning hope the sun is shining on you too..:-)

  • Hi Julie,

    Sunny again.. :-)

  • Not so sunny today.. a bit early yet !! hope you are still enjoying your holiday.. :-)

  • A bit drizzly this morning.. But it might clear later :-) and anew face haha :-D

  • Sunny today yippee !! :-) 8-) :-) B-) :-D

  • Not sunny yet !!! :-) 8-) :-D O-) :-/

  • Suuny today 8-) 8-) 8-)

  • Yesterday I meant sunny.. haha.. a bit overcast at the moment (Sun) 8-) 8:-) :-)

  • Hi Gwyn

    Got back Friday evening.It was good but I am so tired.We had quite a lot of sunshine compared to other places, I even got slight sunburn the 2nd day.very little rain.

    thankks for all the messages.


  • Hi Julie,

    I've missed you soooo much..I've become a stalker hahaha..I did all the smiley faces to knock you into the top blog spot..(well almost) tee hee success!!! I am glad you had a good time and good weather, I've written three birthday poems it was my birthday last Wednesday so you have a lot of catching up to do LOL but rest first love x G x :-) 8-) :-D

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