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Started my latest lot of chemo last Thursday Caylex and avast in.going to see what happens after 3 rounds and if there is no improvement I think I'm going to give up on the chemo.i haven't really had a break from it for just over a year and it's just one disappointment after another.anyway I was just wondering about how this combination has worked for those of you who have been on it.regards Carolyn x

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  • Hi Strawberry ,Im in much the same situation myself,know all about disappointment .I had 4 goes of caelyx didn't work for me on topotcan now at least blood markers droppin awaiting scan in new year, a friend of mine was on caelyx and avastin great result nearly 2 yrs clear,so pg It be the same for you,I know it hard but don't give in,dont let it beat you ,theres a treatment there for you, that's what we have to believe cheer up and take care xxxx

  • Thank you so much for your gave me great encouragement I shouldn't just give up iv come this far and I can keep going.sometimes you just need someone to tell you that so thank you regards Carolyn x

  • Hi Carolyn, never ever give up. Thats the way to do it we keep going and fighting back this beast I finished Avastin about seven weeks ago or more. I am now trying to enjoy life and live it to the fullest while on treatment, its the only way to go

  • I know exactly how you feel and empathise with you. 18mths down the line with no disernable break since diagnosis I feel weary that my life consists of mainly hospital appointments. and A & E admissions.

    Nothing seems to be holding the disease back but at the end of the day you have to try for your family. I guess there will come a time when they say that's "all folks" but until then I shall go on. Don't get me wrong I am cheerful most of the time but anyone would feel the same. I even have chemo both Christmas and New Years Eve. Both will be long days as I live 60 miles from treatment hospital. What choice do we have? I am grateful for my wonderful family and friends and feel I owe it to them to carry on as long as I possibly can. I realise too that there will come a time when I just want to throw the towel in but obviously not there yet. Funny how you can accept less and less of the life you had and keep going.

  • Wishing you all the best, Pat. I read recently about a lady who was on chemo for four years before she got into remission. All is possible. Vx

  • Thanks V. Only hope the 12mth (well 5mths now) prognosis is wrong. I am not downhearted some don't get that. Terrible things in the world all the time so I feel lucky in a lot of ways.

    This may sound very silly to some of you but I was eating a packet of Lovehearts the other day (left over from Halloween) and every one seemed to be a secret message to me. Like HOPE and then last of all MIRACLES DO HAPPEN. Yes it could be true...

    Have a lovely Christmas and New Year.

    Love Patx

  • 'Course it's wrong. You're still standing, as Elton John said. A prognosis is at best only an educated guess, based on averages. And no-one is average. Like the lady I mentioned, there's always the chance that this chemo or the next will work really well. 'Tis the season of miracles after all. I hope you enjoy every moment. Vxxx

  • Carolyn, I really hope this works for you. Fingers crossed. Vx

  • Hi Carolyn I had caelyx 3rd round in 3 years and it's put me in remission, so at the moment I am feeling the best I have felt in 3 years, so please hang in there. Lots of love Bridie xx

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