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Round 3

Still got the drain love it 2 litres a week , but had a bit off pain u know like period pain tightness at my back , saw my guy last Monday , he said even before he saw me I was due a scan , got it on Friday , ye it's back the ovaries are bigger and the glands , no point in going for my second opinion at Edinburgh ,u know in the beginning two years ago he said my cancer was like a bowel of porrage thrown in , !sorry if anyone is eating breakfast , see him on Friday more chemo , waited two days for the phone too ring , is there a few on here had third dose happy days , try and keep my hair I said , I have grandsons , xXANNIE

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The hair worries me too. Sounds quite painful having the drain though. I've got lower back ache so should have guessed it was back, I belong to school of bury my head in the sand until it jumps up and says boo!! Do you get to see your scan pictures? I've never asked but I'm quite tempted now, rather than let my imagination run crazy.

Sending Sunday hugs

LA xx

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The drain is painless I don't want to see the scan pictures , I was not bad last two Clemos ,so hope this runs o k , twice I started October , lost my hair first time , annie


Hi Annie.I finished third line treatment in June. First twice was Carbo/Taxol so lost hair bit this last time I had Carbo/ Caelyx so didn't lose hair. Thinned a bit I would say.

Good luck with your treatment.

Live and hugs Wendy xxx


Good luck with your treatment Annie.


Sorry you have to have more Chemo, Annie. Hope all goes well and you do manage to keep your hair. If you do lose your hair, try not to worry too much - you'll still be the same Gran or Nan, or whatever your Grandsons call you, that they love. Hard, though, I know ...............

Best wishes, Solange. :-)

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