My Ovacome

Talc procedure


I have OC. Clear cell stage 3. I've had surgery and six chemos

Over the last month Ive developed fluid in a sac below

The right lung. I had a pleural drainage two weeks

Ago. My treatment plan is changing and they want

this problem solved before I can start on a clinical


I had chest drainage tube put in on Thursday

and the talc added on Friday. Both very very

painful procedures,

The thoracic doctor said they

might put in a tube to get rid of old fluid the cud not get to.

I've been in hospital 8 days and I'm in worse shape than

when I went in

Would love to hear from anyone who has had any experience like this

Appreciate any response

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Hello Shivy

Sorry to hear you have been in hospital for 8 days.Are you managing to sleep?I could never sleep in hospital. It must be very difficult with a drain in.

I have not had your experience, but a lady I know with ovarian cancer, had the talc procedure and chest drainage, followed by chemo.The chest fluid has not come back and that was 2 years ago.

Which clinical trial are you hoping to go on?

keep in touch, hope the problem is resolved soon.

best wishes,



Dear Shivy

I'm really sorry to hear you've had to go through such a painful experience. I just thought I'd send my best wishes to you as it's pretty miserable having to stay so long in hospital and to be in such discomfort. I'm sending my very best wishes and hope this is resolved soon. As Julie says please let us know how you're getting on. xxx Annie


Hi Shivy

Just sending you my good wishes... I had never heard of Talc procedure before but googled it and now I know... I did read that they have had a lot of success with it .... I am sorry you are in hospital and hope you will soon be x G x :-)


Hello Shivy,

Just want to say sorry that you're in hospital and I hope the horrible sounding treatment you're having does the trick.

Best wishes, Solange x


Hi shivy

I was in hospital in march for 8 days, for an op on my liver which involved all manner of tubes and drains, so although I haven't had this procedure, I can sort of understand where you're coming from. I know others that have, and its worked well. Good luck to you and try and focus on what you want to do when you leave hospital. I found that helped me when I was in





I hope you are feeling better and will get home soon. I had endless problems with fluid collecting in both pleural areas of my lungs. Was in and out of hospital having drains and a talc procedure that failed. Was on suction for 11 days after it too. Eventually I was fitted with a pleur x drain so that I could drain myself at home which I did every two to three days for 5 months. I was continually breathless and life was a struggle. My husband insisted I saw a thorasic surgeon in the end, which I did in January. I am pleased to say he re talced the right lung which has been 100% successful and carried out a decortification on the left, was able to remove the permanent drain and I have been as fit as a fiddle since. I will forever be so thankful to him. As far I was concerned the fluid problem with the lungs has been the worst of it all.

You get yourself sorted and hope this helps you.

Best of Luck xx


I also had to have a plueral drain and then the talc was told by hospital only 50 50 chance of success, but consequently told by chemo doc. It was a 80 percent chance of success. I agree the procedure was very uncomfortable. I just hope it keeps working. Not feeling very well at moment as on 2nd line chemo 4th cycle, feeling very weak. Just keep hoping for a more successful treatment of this horrible disease. Hugs to you good luck nikki x


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