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Hi, I have just had surgery to remove an ovarian cyst. The original plan was to take the cyst, the ovary & the Fallopian tube. However, they ended up taken all of the above, plus my appendix & a part of my omentum.

I'm a bit concerned as to why they wouldve removed the extra bits? Did they see something they thought looked suspicious? Or is this just done routinely?

On the discharge summary, it says they found a multicystic with mucinous fluid cyst. Uterus normal sized. Left ovary normal. Appendix normal (so why remove it?) & omentum normal appearance (again, why take some?)

I'm probably thinking the worst, but everything I google just spells out 'cancer'!

If anyone can give me any further information, I would be really grateful

Wendy x

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Wendy .. Hello. Ours is not to reason why. Obviously, that isn't true but I do think precautions have been taken. That's the word. Precautions. I think you maybe should ask the necessary questions to your doctor. Lots of normal stuff there though. Xxx


I agree, wait until you go back for a check up and ask the questions then. Maybe take some one with you it is good to have a second pair of ear. Maybe all this is a precaution which is good. Hope you are recovering well and taking it easy


Hi Wendy.

I think human nature dictates that we always expect the worst, I know I do anyway! I would agree with previous posts that the "extras" taken during surgery was a precautionary measure as both the appendix and omentum can be surplus to requirements.

I would recommend discussing your concerns with the hospital team, or speak to your GP (if you feel more comfortable) so that you can try and put your worries behind you. I would also try and resist the urge to "google" as often this can cause more concerns than being of help.

Hope your recovery from surgery continues well, and that you are able to get some answers to put your mind at ease. Xx


Hello ladies, thank you for your replies.

I'll be sent an appointment in the post for about 3 weeks time to discuss the results, I guess im just not good at waiting & not knowing!

I just didn't know what was normal & what wasnt.

Ty for your kind words xx


When I had my op in 200 my omentum was taken away during the op as a precaution. They didn't know what I had til it was examined after the op therefore rather than having to go back in to remove it plus my cervix if the news was very bad they took them during. Like you I had worries but mine was borderline. Speak to the surgeon or any specialist nurse you were given. Wish you all the best x


Hi Wendy - I'm a bit annoyed on your behalf that your surgeon or a junior doctor didn't see you after surgery and explain why he had taken the extra bits. Leaving you to swing in the wind for three weeks is bound to make you anxious.

I'm no medic, but I had a Mucinous Borderline tumour removed last summer. Most cysts are Serous. Mucinous cells are closer to G.I. cells and sometimes there's a connection with the appendix. So they'd want to have a good look at that in the lab. If it were cancer, the omentum is where cells usually migrate to first. Perhaps they took the part near the appendix to make sure.

As pp have said, you don't need either your appendix or your omentum, so it makes sense to do a thorough job to avoid having to do a second surgery. I don't think there's anything in the summary that makes it more or less likely that it's bad news - just that it's a different variety of cyst.

Is there a CSN attached to your team? You could ring your surgeon's secretary and ask if there is someone who could explain the discharge summary.

Fingers crossed you get your appointment soon and can breathe a big sigh of relief.


Hi, thank you for your reply.

The surgeon did come & see me after surgery but it was so soon after, I was still quite dopey from the anaesthetic!! I remember him coming, but I couldn't tell u what he said!!

I think I'm probably worrying unnecessarily & should probably think more positively!!

It would make sense like u said to take them as a precaution so they don't have to 'go in' again!

Thanks again, hope you're all well now

Wendy xx


Hi Wendy, although we all have personal experience, it would be wrong for us to speculate. Did your surgeon not speak to you following your surgery and explain directly what had been taken and why? He really should have done. If he hasn't, then you need to ask him directly. I'm certain you will have a lost operative check with him. Write down the questions you want answered and take them with you, he won't mind you doing this. All the best, Ann xo


Hi Wendy, just read a reply you wrote to one of the ladies in which you state he did come to see you afterwards but you were still quite dopey from anaesthetic. The very reason why my surgeon left it until the following day until he came to speak to me! Perhaps you need to point this out to him when you see him at your post op check up. Ann xo


Thank you Ann, yes I should probably make a point of telling him. I'm sure he's a brilliant sugeon, but his people skills weren't the best! I just feel totally confused by the whole thing really. It's all happened quite quickly.

5 years ago, I had my gallbladder removed. But before it was removed, I was in excruciating pain (sound like a proper drama queen, but anyone that's had gallstones, wil tell u how painful they really are!) anyway, in the last 2/3 years, periodically, I got these pains that were similar to the gallstone pains, probably had about 10 episodes in the last 3 years, so not too frequently. Went to the doctor, who sent me for a scan incase a stone had got lodged in the tube leading to the gallbladder, & also to look for kidney stones. Nothing. Then was told it could be severe heart burn, so was put on tablets for 2 months, but had a pain attack whilst on them (this is all irrelevant really, but I'm on a role now! Bear with me!) doctor sent me for another scan seeing as it had been 3 years since the last one, sonographer said all was clear, but while I was there, she'd do a transvaginal scan. That's when the cyst was found altho she didn't tell me, my doctor phoned me later that day, by the following day I had an appointment with the gynaecology team at the hospital for the following week. Was sent for an MRI, had the follow up consultation, & was told they couldn't be sure what it was even from the mri & that until they removed it, & tested it, they wouldn't know. Fortunately for me, my surgeon is also a surgeon at Europes biggest cancer hospital (royal marsden) & he was pretty sure it wasn't cancer. Altho he did say he can't be 100% sure. So we left feeling quite reassured... until the day of the operation, when he came in pre op to just go thru what he planned to do, & then started saying he was gonna bag the cyst, but If it ruptured, it would take it from a stage 1a to a 1c. I think my husband & I were a bit shocked by that comment so didn't really question it (I know that sounds really naive now, but at the time, it just didn't sink into either of our heads! Maybe he meant that 'if' it were cancer, that's what would happen, but he made it sound like cancer was what he was dealing with! My ca125 blood test was fine. In the report after the operation, other than the cyst, everything else was listed as 'normal', & I'm just really confused as to what to think!

I think instead of over thinking, I should call my doctor or try & get hold of the surgeon. I'm sitting at home, with too much time on my hands & one minute I'm thinking I'm being over dramatic, the next I'm planning my bloody funeral!

I feel really stupid for not asking at the time but I was so caught up in the moment, that it's not til u come home & have time to reflect that all these little doubts & passing comments actually hit.

I'm sure I'll be fine. My husband isn't a great talker & I think with this, he doesn't know how to deal with it himself, doesn't have the answers I need, so is just going along with the typical man thing of saying 'it'll be fine, don't worry!'...

Sorry for the essay! I feel better for getting it off my chest now, even if u don't read it! Haha

Wendy xx


Hi Wendy, waiting for results is awful. My cancer had been missed by my local hospital, 3 months later after being treated for IBS the cons surgeon I worked for got me a private appt with a cons gynaecologist, he found the large cyst on my right ovary. I remember asking him when he phoned me with the results of CA125 and MRI scan, if I had cancer. He told me he could neither confirm or rule it out until he operated. The day after surgery when he came to speak to me, he said, "well Ann, its as we feared, you have ovarian cancer and are going to need chemotherapy." He explained that it had spread to my bowel, the lining of my abdomen and there was also a tumour on the left ovary too. I appreciated his honesty and he did have a very good bedside manner.

My husband must be just like yours. Prior to my surgery, I was reading a lot (was a medical secretary and used to medical dictionaries). Stuart would not discuss it, his response was always "we need to wait and see what Dr Dobbs says after surgery". I wanted to talk openly and honestly to someone but didn't want to worry my daughters and Stuart just wasn't for talking about it, it was as if he was burying his head in the sand.

I definitely think you need to write down your questions for the surgeon. He should answer them for you. I know its easy to say and harder to do, been there myself after all, but do try not to worry too much. Take care. Ann xo


Hi I hope you are further forward and have spoken to your doctor. Do u mind if I ask his name was it Thomas ind ? I've been referred to him too and am waiting to discuss the removal of a cyst and mass which is causing pain and don't know how long he takes - he's already seen MRI and said it's probably benign - xxx


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