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Busy day

Well had my hair cut today, its now a short bob just like my new wig. So when my hair falls out no one will know the difference. Like to be prepared for every event. Been to the doctors re my tummy ach and yes got Laxido thanks to all the ladies who told me about this. So hopefully tomorrow things will get moving. Feeling good today, went to work which was ok now relaxing with a glass of wine 1st one in a while and it tastes soooooooo good. x x x

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Sending you my best wishes Babs xx G xx :-)


Well done.Enjoy the glass of wine.



Dear Babs

A lady after my own heart. Good for you to have your hair cut and the wig ready. It's a scary prospect however positive you are. I was hoping you might post a pic of your new hair-do on your post. Good I think to have everything prepared, and as for the glass of wine - hope it's your favourite brew. Mine would be a Rully.

Good luck with everything. Keep on posting so we can give our best support.

Love Annie


I bet you really enjoy that wine ...... Well done for taking the plunge. Will be waiting to hear how things are going. Sending you all the very best of positive vibes, good luck and hugs

Love Wendy xx


And, I love the new you photo! Well done xx


Hi Babs.

I sent you a message to your message box a few days ago. Did you receive it?

First time I have sent a message on here and not sure how you know that a message has been sent.



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