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Coronation Dress

Coronation Dress

This might be a little light relief for some of you who are going through a tough time at the minute. Our local festival is on this week and the Historical Society, of which I am Secretary, put on exhibition the dress worn by one of the train bearers at the Coronation in 1953. The lady concerned now lives near me and is a member of the Hist Soc.

The dress was on display for 2 days and raised over £600 for children's and cancer charities throughout Ireland. I thought you'd like to see it. I might also do a 2nd blog post so that I can attach a photo of the back of the dress.

All good wishes


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Its nice to have a look at the dress thank you for posting it on here.

Its lovely ..

Love suzanne



Gorgeous dress. It's good to share news with each other and get to know each other outside our problems with our cancer. Thanks for the post. Xx


What a beautiful dress and how interesting it must have been for you to talk to someone who could tell you first hand all about that day.

thanks for sharing something lovely



How beautiful

Thanks for sharing


Beautiful tiny waste?? x G x :-)


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