Coronation Dress

Coronation Dress

This might be a little light relief for some of you who are going through a tough time at the minute. Our local festival is on this week and the Historical Society, of which I am Secretary, put on exhibition the dress worn by one of the train bearers at the Coronation in 1953. The lady concerned now lives near me and is a member of the Hist Soc.

The dress was on display for 2 days and raised over £600 for children's and cancer charities throughout Ireland. I thought you'd like to see it. I might also do a 2nd blog post so that I can attach a photo of the back of the dress.

All good wishes


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  • Its nice to have a look at the dress thank you for posting it on here.

    Its lovely ..

    Love suzanne


  • Gorgeous dress. It's good to share news with each other and get to know each other outside our problems with our cancer. Thanks for the post. Xx

  • What a beautiful dress and how interesting it must have been for you to talk to someone who could tell you first hand all about that day.

    thanks for sharing something lovely


  • How beautiful

    Thanks for sharing

  • Beautiful tiny waste?? x G x :-)

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