my teal dress

Well ladies. You will be glad to know I have hired the most beautiful teal formal evening dress with all you in mind.It tapers in at the waist and just flows out to the ankle. About 4inches of the ankle black netting hangs down and there is a beautiful iintricate floral sequinced beading all down the front. it is so gorgeus and very flattering.I got a matt heavy teal stole for round my shoulders to match, a,lovely black beaded necklace and bracelets and bought a pair of open toes small heeled black sandals for just £7.99 in the sale . I also got a vintage black bag to match. I have made a lovely black bandana and had already a lovely teal chiffon fine scarf with a diamonte ball tightener to pull up the side to tighten round the bandana and hang over my shoulder at one side to the front. THis lady over here hires the dress, stole jewellery bag and shoes all the accessories for £50!! its so handy and saves you a fortune.I just bought the shoes as i didnt see anything that really struck me.Thats me sorted so you deo ont miss me in a hurry!! Will let you know how it all goes. its a very busy intinerary. Taxi picks us up from house at 7.30am to go to airport the flight at 9am , Met at gatwick by taxi which will take us to Cumberland Hotel, have lunch then briefing for an hour( whatever that entails!)WE have to be ready for 4 30 pm brought to venue then walk on the red carpet. A pre reception will be held drink and bites. for an hour then we have a sit down meal before awards start. They start 8 to 8 30 and go on to 11. 30. Sounds exhausting doesnt it!! but will be a night to remember and I will carry you all in my heart.and if I get my chanc willmention our wee site.xUna

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  • once again ,thank you all for your supportive comments on my dissapointing scan results. Had a poor me night last night but back on form today, as all the crying in the world will not change my situation, so I will continue to make every day count and push on with my campaign for as long as I can.Once again thank you so much for helping me recharge my batteries and go back out fighting!! xuna

  • Sounds gorgeous I love the colour teal cannot wait to see you if lucky enough to get on the telly.If not please get a photo of your self dressed up for us all to see, thinking of you enjoy.

    love Jenny

  • Una, It sounds as though you are going to look fabulous. Can't wait to look out for you. And it sounds as though you will be getting celebrity treatment which you thoroughly deserve. Put the scan results behind you. There are so many unexpected twists and turns in this journey that you may look back at this point and realise that it isn't as bad as it seems at the moment. Anyway don't let the damn thing spoil what will be a wonderful occasion. Lap it up!

    Sarah xxx

  • Your dress sounds stunning!! Not surprising you had a bad night after your results, but you're very brave and I hope you have a fab time in London. All the best to you, love Kaz xx

  • Dear Una

    Ooh it sounds so lovely ( like you ) thinking of you and praying for you.

    Remember if anything goes wrong like tripping up ( I am not saying you should ) but it will more memorable ( so no worries )

    Love x G x

  • Your dress sounds beautiful, Una, and you will look lovely for your big night.

    Very sorry your result was so disappointing, but as others have said, the fact that they are giving you more chemo is cause for hope.

    Have a fantabulous time in London - and we'll all be looking out for the lady in teal on the red carpet.

    Love, Jill xxx

  • Oh Una your dress sounds lovely. Can't wait to see you. The Cumberland .....WOW.

    Love jean. Xx

  • It does sound very exhausting but the excitement will carry you through I'm sure. You'll have to get plenty of rest on Sunday and I'm sure you'll sleep we'll on Monday night. I was thinking that you could have a long nap after lunch which might help. Your outfit sounds beautiful and you have the colouring for teal. You'll look beautiful Una.. X x

  • Your dress sounds amazing! and well done for picking up your accessories at bargain prices. Good luck on the night, have a fabby time



  • Good luck and have a fabulous time! Outfit sounds beautiful!

  • Your dress sounds fabulous, have a fantastic night xxx

  • Good luck for your big night. What a beautiful representative for our cause just like royalty.

  • I think your dress sounds amazing. Have a wonderful day. It sounds tiring but I am sure the adrenaline will kick in and keep you going.

    Hugs Jackie xxxx

  • Dear Una,

    You will look amazing! Have a wonderful time.

    Much love,


    Ps looking forward to seeing a post with a photo of you all 'glammed' up

  • Hope you have a FANTASTIC night, enjoy every minute of it Una, cant wait to see you. Love Trish xx

  • Dear Una.


    Enjoy and soak it all up! Have just read about who will be there, it sounds a wonderful evening.

    ITV on Tuesday 8pm, The ratings will be up!!! We shall all be glued to the telly.

    Regards Barbara.X

  • Teal will stand out in the crowd and so will you!!! Have a great time in London Town. Enjoy every minute. Izzy xxx

  • Have a great time Una, so sorry about your bad news but your dress and accessories sound amazing! Just enjoy the night and the happy memory you creating. Will look for you hen it's televised.

    Hugs and kisses

    Annette xxx

  • Dear Una,

    No doubt that you will looking ubber...gorgeous in your Teal dress!!!!

    Pictures would be great!!!

    I am sure the day will be exhilarating, but as you say....pretty exhausting as well.

    I am sure all eyes and ears will be on you, as a courageous lady who supports the 'cause'.

    We will all be with you in body and soul, and look forward to hearing all about it.

    Love Janette xxx


  • Your posh frock sounds lovely, enjoy your trip to London and I can't wait to hear all about it.

    Love Ally xx

  • I love the sound of the excitement in your voice As you have been describing this event and your gown! You have a most wonderful time at your big night and you will feel amazing in your beautiful dress and accessories! We look forward to hearing about your big night and would love to see a picture of you in your dress! Have a great time!

  • Can,t wait to see you in your amazing outfit,will be glued to the television with a glass of bubbly,have a wonderful time.

    Love Sue xx

  • Thank you so much all of you for your support and good wishes. Am determined to have a ball , come what may!! Wanted to pose a question to you all. I was doing awareness talk at a health day today and happened to get my cholesteral checked, th girl called me bk. in and said they couldnt read it as it was higher thn the machine registered!! I have to go to g.p in morning fasting from 10pm. tonight to get it re done and broke dawn. I am so shocked as I eat healthily and with my heart being damaged with pneumonia after my operation as i took heart failure., This is an extra worry. Does anyone know if our treatment can influence the cholestral? The only thing that has changed in my diet is that i changed to butter as read how many chemicals that were present in the spreads. now dont know what to do for the best. Advice or ideas would be appreciated. Una.xx

  • Hi Una sorry carnt help, I hope the machine is back to normal tomorrow..

    It must be your wonderful get up and go and hopefully the excitement and thoughts of a brilliant time you will have in London. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

    Regards Barbara,

  • Una, WOW your outfit sounds lovely, enjoy every moment. Not sure about the cholesterol question. We eat the make, Pure, as they don't have chemicals in, it's dairy and gluten free which is really why I use it, but don't know if this is better than butter. My hubby is skinny but has to take statins as his body makes cholesterol naturally and not connected to his diet at all. Take care. Gill xxx

  • Hi Una ,

    You will be the belle of the night !

    Do have a wonderful time and enjoy it all and we look forward to seeing you on the telly xxx

    Love Jan xxxx

  • We really need a photo on your next blog, Una! WELL DONE!!!!!!!!

    Love W xx

  • I am so not techinal but i will see if my daughters will do it for me.x

  • We must have the pix Una, so do get their help! Fingers and toes all crossed for you xxxx

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