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1 st Chemo Done

Well I have finally had my 1st Chemo yesterday and after all the worry and bad thoughts I had it was ok. The time went quite quickley although I was there for almost 6 hours. I passed the time talking which I can do quite easily. I read a bit and tried to sleep ( But could not as it not very comftable sitting in a chair) so to anyone who is starting chemo all I can say was at the moment I feel ok. I woke up this morning at 6 am did all my normal jobs and hope to be back at work Sunday. x x :-) Babs

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Hi Babs

Glad it went well yesterday, hope the side effects stay away and dont affect you too much.

Love George x


Hi Babs . well done. Im glad to hear your ok.. They are really long days when you have chemo arnt they I remember my first one I went in at 8.30am and didnt get home till 10.30pm. I was shattered.. but the rest were not quite as long as that.

I hope you continue to feel well through out your treatment.

Lots of love and best wishes




Hi Babs

Glad everything is going well, sending you love and best wishes x G x :-)


Hi Babs

Hope things go well for you . The emotional side of having the 1st chemo is hard and you are now on the road to getting better . Keep that in mind as the road gets harder. I think of it as a roller coaster highs and lows. My advice would be to take each day as it comes as each one may be different and each cycle . Rest on the off days and make the most of the good ones



Hi Babs,

Glad your first chemo wasn't too bad. I, like you, had loads of energy for the first two dats after chemo - the consultant said it was due to the steroids. My fatigue always kicked in on day 3 and then lasted for a few days before I felt my energy returning. We're all different, but don't do too much, now is the time to look after yourself and accept offers of help.

Keep strong.

Love Liz X


Hi Babs!

Glad it went well! Do be prepared, however, for the effects to hit you about the third day. I remember that I usd to get my chemo on a Thursday or Friday and by Sunday I was wiped out. i needed to spend a couple of hours every afternoon just sleeping. This is, aparently normal and lasted about a week, after which I was like someone on speed for two weeks until the next dose!

Good luck with the next five! I was also told that the effects were cumulative and I must admit the exhaustion did get worse, especially after the debulking op when I found the tales (which I had not believed) of not bveing able to lift the kettle were true! I spent a lot of time sleeping and found ginger beer and ginger & lemon tea helped with the nausea as well as dry biscuits. A thermos of hot water by the bed helps with the need for hot drinks during the day.

The important thing is to 'go with the flow' and not try to do too much. Sorry to seem negative but you can feel worse if you are not expecting any after effects?

All the best




Like you, I had my first chemo yesterday,I was overwhelmed at first, and thought "I can't do this"-but soon settled down and spent time talking, dozing and reading-it's comforting to read your experience, as I feel so well today, so I will be ready for day three!


Well done Babs and Kaskin for getting through your first one. It is the fear of the unknown that makes it scary and that is behind you now. I was VERY lucky and was able to continue working throughout my 8 cycles, and so it can be done. I do, however, know that I am the exception and lots of ladies are not as fortunate. You just have to see how you go and do what you feel that you can. I hope your feeling of wellbeing continues. XX


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