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Second line treatment within a year of first line treatment?

I finished treatment in Oct 2010 for 3c and since have had CA125 readings of 47, 49, 47 and last week 122. I am going to see the oncologist tomorrow for a scan, can anyone tell me about second line treatment less than a year after first line treatment finished, also has anyone had radiation treatment?


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Hello Jane

My experience has been having had carboplatin/taxol 2 years ago and then relapsed 8 months later they used the same again. Assuming that's what you had first time round as long as it's over 6 months to your first relapse that's what they generally do. However everybody is different and oncologists have different ideas. After a second relapse 5 months after my second carbo/taxol treatment I'm now on a second line treatment. No experience of radiation treatment. Hope all goes well with you.

Meryl XXX


Hi Meryl, thank you for this, sorry to hear you're having more treatment. I saw the consultant today who implied this is what they will do (use the same drugs again) if the scan shows disease, as it is over 6 months. I hope your treatment goes well.




Hi Jane, my Onco. won't use the taxol carbo if you have recurred within 6 months. He used a drug called caelyx with me, which I tolerated brilliantly, only symptom was some mouth sores for a few days and it was every 4 weeks. Downside however, was that it stopped working after 3 treatents so I ended up[ on avastin... AGain worked initially then stopped! I'm now back on weekly taxol/carbo, which seems to be more of a favoured approach today with some excellent results!! Good Luck to you!


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