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Length (time) between first and second line?

Just posing a little q... following on from the thread about Avastin, apparently the studies have shown that it can result in an average on 5 months more time between end of first line and first recurrence.

Obviously every day counts but it made me think how long can you get (on average) without it. I've had first line so don't qualify for it. I'm sure there is literature out there, but just asking you guys. Whats your experience and does anyone know anyone who has had particularly long periods before first relapse?



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I got about 9 months!


Hi! Sammy H

I was diagnosed Stage 3 in 2005 and had 4 years of remission after surgery followed by a good response to first line chemo. (carboplatin+taxol). Almost three years later I am on 5th line chemo having had remissions of 6-9 months from the 2nd and 3rd between. 4th line was caelyx and didn't work for me. My present chemo. is topotecan and early indications are fairly good. i am a pretty fit person in her 70s.

So - the message is keep as positive as you can - there is now quite an armoury of chemos.available - and even where cure is out this horrible disease can be managed for long times. And who knows the magic bullet may come along any day.

Hope this helps and very best wishes for a good result.



Hi, After my first chemo 6 doses carboplatin, I have been in remission 18 months.I was diagnosed stage 1c . Wishing you the very best.

Sue xx


Hi Sammy

I was diagnosed stage 4 in April 2010 had surgery and chemo, still in remission.

Love Chris x x

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Hi Sammy

I was diagnosed with 3a in jan 09, I was lucky enough to have avastin on the ICON7 Trial, along with carbo/taxol,after surgery, and in jan this year was told it had come back on my liver, I got 3 years out of it, so worked well for me.

good luck for your results





I have had two long periods of remission. The first was just short of 5 years, the second 4 and a half years. I had surgery and carbo/taxol both times.




I had 14 months remission from first line to second line.I was stage 3c. First diagnosed March 2010, treatment finished Sept 2010, cam e back Nov 2011, both times carbotaxol!

We're all different,.....but best wishes to you!!!!xx


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