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more tumours?

Hello Everyone

Does anyone one know while you are on chemotherapy [I'm just doing Taxol at the moment with a trail drug second line treatment] if you can develope more tumours while you are on treatment? or no its only until you have finished if the chemotherpy didnt work your CA125 would shoot right back up after treatment?, I'm sure a scan would pick up anything new that has grown or if your tumor that is being treated has grown while on the chemotherapy, which would suggest the treatment isn't working or if your CA125 never came down while on treatment and kept going up and up.


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Hello Sarah


Hello Sarah

I've been on a couple of trials and as a result had more CT scans and CA monitoring than during

standard chemo. Any new tumours would show up immediately and on both trials I have been on if that happened then the treatment would immediately have been reviewed and probably stopped and/or changed and that's what happened on my second trial as it clearly wasn't working. As far as CA "shooting back up" as you describe it that doesn't necessarily happen and in my case my CA has come back gradually over several months after each chemo. This acts as a warning which prompts my Onc to step up monitoring and work out what and when to do next. Ive had a lot of chemo over the last three yars and my CA has never gone up whilst on chemo but I know from reading posts on here that it can happen, particularly early on in the chemo course. I'm sure the Ovacom nurses could help on this if you ring them.

Good luck. Meryl XXXXXXX


Hi Sarah,

Yes things can get worse while on chemo... my CA125 shot up last year while on chemo, and the scan showed things going down hill, but my onc still carried on until I'd had my 6 sessions, then put me straight on something else. Thankfully this worked and I've had 4 months remission, but things are going downhill again now. MInd you having to wait 4 weeks from ct scan to seeing the onc makes a mockery of the scan as far as I'm concerned. A lot can happen in 4 weeks!!

good luck



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