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Getting fitter!

Hi all!

Managed to cycle to Riccall and back! 18.5 miles in all took 2 hours 10 minutes and I feel very smug even if my knees and my bum are suffering. It was so beautiful! Bluebells, primroses, cowslips, chaffinches, long tailed tits, sparrows, hawthorn blossom, new growth on the trees. A pity about the hail, still I am pleasantly tired and very pleased with myself!

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Well done Margaret,

Don't think I could manage that.... then again I can't ride a bike, so!! no "think" about thanks for the weather granddaughter is in York Uni

The weather here in Chester as been sunny all day, mind it is not too warm though. Glad you had a nice day and it sounded really beautiful.

Love x G x


Hi Gwyn!

It was cold but sunny most of the way but that was a good way to be as I did not get overheated! Strange world! I spent my teens on the Wirral and a favourite ride of mine in those days was Hoylake to Chester and back. Did it in the car last year and wondered how I ever had the courage to cycle down the Old Chester Road! In the 50's there was so much less traffic! At least today's ride was on cycle tracks, the worst "traffic" problem was competing for space with joggers, walkers, families out on their bikes and the "serious" cyclists in lycra and really serious helmets!

I trust yourgrand daughter is enjoying York! Which college is she in? I am a member of Langwith, having done my MA in Education, my daughter is a member of Derwent!

Love Margaret


Hi Margaret,

My granddaughter is in Goodricke, in her second year studying Law, yes she is enjoying her time there, I miss her though as her and her mum ( my daughter ) live very close, just across the road from me, I only have one grandchild.

It is a small world isn't it? West Kirby is my favourite place to go (locally) my husband wanted to go there today as it does get me to walk a little, there is a nice beach and boating lake, and it always seems to be sunny and dry there even when the weather is awful in Chester, but I only noticed today I have lost my wedding ring,I have searched all over the place to no avail, I know it is really silly as there is nothing much I can do about it, and no point in being upset, (but I am) not a good day for me I'm afraid ... My own fault as since I have been on chemo (and finished) my hands swell so sometimes I shift it to my little finger. Oh well no good crying over spilt milk.

At least you cheered me up with your bike ride !!

Cheers x G x


I remember how upset I was when mine was stolen!


Hi Gwyn,

I was born in Frodsham!

Pray to St. Anthony ( he is the finder of lost things_. I don't know how but it seems to work!!

Love Suex


Thank you soapsuds,

My husband wants to get me a new one......but call me soppy....

It isn't the same as having the original.....

Love & Best Wishes x G x


Well done, Margaret. Gives you a great sense of satisfaction, doesn't it?

I did my 45 minute workout this morning. Managing to do more of it on the step now too. Must try the bike sometime though.

Onwards and upwards!



Dear Margaret

What an amazing ride. I take my hat off to you. It's an achievement for anyone to ride 18 miles and you're doing it with quite lot of other things to cope with. I'm embarrassed to say my bike so far has just been a means of transport - for getting to work and back, to town, in fact to anywhere I want to be. I also have a folding bike to take on the train and getting to my final destination.

You've inspired me to have a go at the Taff Trail which runs from Cardiff to the Brecon Beacons. I noticed just this morning a group that meet weekly to do a 20 mile or so ride. I'm up for that so long as there's a nice picnic or a stop for a beer at half time.

Thanks for the inspiring blog.

Love Annie xxx


Hi Annie! Up to now I have not done much more than ride into town and back and, up to a week ago, I had not ridden it for 2years and was considering selling it. It is amazing what a Dr saying 'push yourself a bit' can do for one's determination. It started to rain when I was half way home but luckily not heavily! Mind you I haven't moved since I got here except to cook my supper!


Dear Margaret

We're in a parallel universe! I was shattered yesterday after my run the day before. In fact I put myself to bed and slept like a baby from 1 in the afternoon.

It is true, we should be pushing ourselves to eat wisely and take exercise. I'm assuming you're not out today - it's absolutely pouring down with rain here so I have put my 2nd run off for another day when the weather is a bit kinder.

Much love xxx Annie


Today a friend and I drove to Wakefield, visited the Hepworth, had a lovely Lunch and came back via Ikea where I went mad and bought 2 large packs of napkins, scented candles, and some little storage boxes in just the right colours for my bathroom. Now pleasantly tired and about to make myself pasta and meatballs for supper!


Well done Margaret,good for you, the weather here for the last week is constantly raining, I really need to go out walking, just want my knee to get better,I will get there evenually !! keep up the good work. Love Sue x


Funnily enough I still have problems walking! My knees give way and the ligaments at the back of the knee seem to have been affected by the chemo but cycling I can manage, especially as I have 24 gears to play with!



Blimey Margaret, the longest I can ride is 3 miles to the nearest pub!

am trying to get fit by sorting out my garden, as its 300 foot long, with 4 veg beds and a greenhouse, I figure that'll do!

happy cycling!




Ah well I just have a yard with a small flower bed and half an hour's weeding gives me a day's backache!


Very well done Margaret !

I used to have a pink and white racing bike ... great days they were ....

Hubby has just got me an exercise bike from E bay ... so going to start soon ..just had 5th chemo so will wait a few days and give it a go !

Keep pedling ....

Love Janet xx


Very well done. It's amazing what we can achieve with a bit of a push in the right direction. Lovely that you also took time to enjoy the wonderful nature all around us. Keep it up!

Love Catherine xx


Well done Margaret!

I work for Sustrans - the Riccall path is part of our National Cycle Network - and it's great to know it is helping your recovery. Sustrans was a fab employer supporting me while I was having my treatment two years ago, and encouraging me onto my bike when I went back to work.

Pedal on!

Gael x


Great organisation! The week after next a group of us are doing York to Beningborough and back!


How wonderful, Margaret! So glad you are getting stronger and allowing nature to play it's part in helping your recovery. Birds, bees, sunshine, lovely views ... you can't beat them for lifting the spirits ... and the research by Macmillan found that exercise really helps with recovery/ maintenance of health in cancer patients, so keep going!

By the way, I have a lovely bike but am still to get the confidence to ride it ... I am a real wuss in going round corners my 11-year-old self would laugh at my 61-year-old self :-(

Love Wendy xx


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