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Is my CA-125 getting low enough?

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Good evening everyone, although I have not been able to post alot here, In the couple of posts that I have written I have gotten alot of good advise that has helped me tremendously. I am just a little curious about my CA-125 numbers. I just finished 5 out of 6 chemos and I am 10 weeks post op from a total hysterectomy with omentum removal. My number has gone from 39,000 to 237 (that was todays results ) . With one more chemo left , is it good or is it still very high? My doctor just says everything is good but I am not sure if thats really the case . I would appreciate any feedback thanks in advance and God bless you all .

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The guide range is 0-35, having said that in comparison to where you started it is excellent, and of course you have one to go.

CA125 levels are a guide to how treatment is going, so on paper yours is going brilliantly.

Good luck.

My CA125 count has continued to drop after chemo stopped. Initial diagnosis was 3200+ count at end of chemo was 15 and is now 12.

Good thought coming your way to influence your counts to continue falling.

Don't forget that the surgery itself can cause changes to your ca125. You are only 10 weeks post still healing. Once surgery is done the remaining chemo cycles are more effective because there is less disease to deal with. Chin up... It's going in the right direction! Xx L

I think that's a great result so far as it was high to start with. Your doing well xx

Mum's dr has always looked for the trend , rather than an actual number. Your trend downwards looks to be excellent

How you feel is most important

Wow I think that's really great.Before my last treatment my ca125 was 9,980 after treatment 98. I've been off treatment for ten months. It's now 500 and there in no hurry to put me back on chemo.As I've been so well. Xxxx

Normal CA 125 is 0-32 but considering how high it was before, you tremendously have improved a lot. Welcome to the road of full recovery.

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RosaMendez in reply to Belenrr

Thank you for giving me hope when alot of the things I am going thru are new and scary

I agree with the ladies this does sound good, remember your result is only after four chemos if you only got chemo yesterday, no 5 is only working now, As well your doctors is happy with you so all in all you are reaching a good place and long may it continue

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