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Hair regrowth whilst in chemo

Has anyone experienced their hair growing back during chemo? I hav e had 4 chemo sessions now. Lost my hair but didn't shave my head. When I was looking in the mirror. I seem to have a very light fuzz of grey hair slightly showing. Although its only this las t week my eyebrows are thinning. This has confused me as my eyebrows are thinning but the hair on my head appears to be coming back. I also thought ths wouldn't happen until about a month after chemo finished? Anyone else experienced this. Or am I just wishful thinking

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hi michelle, mine started coming back by the time i was on my 4th chemo. although as you said it is like a fuzz, still couldnt go with out my wig thou, until about 3months after chemo finished. hoped this has helped you.

love nan flo xxx


Hi Michelle

Same happened to me. I did shave my head before hair fell out, but I was never completely 'smooth' and mine appeared to start coming back before the end of chemo.

Take care hope all goes well

Chris x x


Thanks ladies. I thought I was seeing things x


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