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Anyone had a "frozen section" laparoscopy?

I started treatment for endometriosis end of last year and had a laparoscopy in January to remove a 10cm cystic matter from my left ovary. The histology came back as mixed - endometrioma and borderline ovarian tumour. Myself and the gynae were not keen to have / do any major surgery due to the fact that I am 30 with no children and so desperately want a baby. I've had further tests since which basically shows a complex cyst on the left ovary and CA-125 back up to over 300 (apparently this is raised in endometriosis also). So the plan now is a "frozen section" laparoscopy where a biopsy is taken and results received during the operation to see how to procede.

Sorry for the long-winded question, I was just wondering if anyone has any experience of this kind of surgery?

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Hi Rufio

I have no experience of this, but you need to find out what is available, for your own peace of mind and reassurance. I suggest ringing the Ovacome helpline tomorrow (08453710554 - 10 o clock to 5) The nurses there will be able to give you up to date info and let you know what the options are. I had a borderline tumour nearly 10 years ago, so if it is that, the outlook is good for you, even if an option is to delay treatment to try for a baby (I think ... but you need to check) There are quite a few factsheets on the main Ovacome site, try looking under resources/factsheets, or my ovarian cancer. There si lots of info there. The main thing is, that you are getting treatment early and the outlook for that is good, even if you're probably scared silly at the moment!

Good luck with all of this!

Love Wendy xx


Hi Rufio

I was already 55 when they found my cyst so I was always going to have a hysterectomy. But they did a frozen section during the course of my operation and because the results came back borderline they took away bits from 2 nearby lymph nodes as well as everything else to be on the safe side.

It seems to me a sensible procedure to help them decide just what they need to do.

It's a worrying time but I hope all goes well for you.



Hi Rufio

I had exactly the same thing a year ago last March. Started with treatment for endometriosis, then they found a mass on my left ovary which turned out to be a borderline tumour, but had "misplaced" the results of my right ovary! They decided to operate to remove the left overy and then do a frozen biopsy on my right to see if it was necessary to remove that as well. Fortunately, it came back negative and I was able to keep it, but if there was anything there I would definitely have wanted them to remove it as well. However, the difference is that I have got two children and I am nearly positive I would have felt differently had I not had any. In your position, I think I'd want to know the results before proceeding, even though it could possibly mean going through the op again!

Best of luck.



Thanks for your responses, it's difficult to find information on this particular procedure so it's good to hear from people who have experienced it. I'm glad I found this site! I'm sure I will find out soon enough more about the op, but you know what it's like, it plays on your mind. I'm just wondering, what exactly did you consent to for the op? I've decided they can take my left ovary if they need to as it seems pretty useless (!) but I don't want anything else removed, I wouldn't want to wake up and find out I've had a hysterectomy.


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