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Is it ovarian cancer?

Hi there

I am 60 years old, post menopausal and had vaginal bleeding Have had all the tests, transvaginal scan, tumour marker blood tests (normal) and MRI There is something around the left ovary area Had a cyst removed 8 years ago Had a laparoscopy last week Gynae said it was purely to see what is going on. Was woozy after so she said she would feed back tomorrow She mentioned the word distension but that is all Feel a bit let down that she did not tell me anymore Am very stressed

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Hello and welcome!

I completely understand how worried you must be! The waiting around for results is almost the worst bit. However at the present time you don't know what the result will be...so hold on to that! The symptoms of OC are similar to all sorts of other things so it could be any of these..not necessarily OC.

Try to find something nice and distracting to do today..treat yourself as someone who needs TLC because of the stress you are under. Don't Google...ring them tomorrow for your results. And remember if it is bad news..we are always here xxxx Lyndy


Many thanks x


Yes, the waiting is the pits , it is hard not to imagine the worst but by the same thinking 'you haven't got anything until you're told you do have it' . That's the route I took, I didn't say anything to anyone (apart from hubby) as I didn't want the embarrassment of telling people I got upset over nothing ! That worked for me but I know everyone's different.

If you've not heard by about 2 pm tomorrow then ring to see what's going on. That way she can say Oh I was going to ring you at 3 (or whenever!)

Have a note pad with you with questions you've thought of and to write down what she says .

Thinking of you

Clare xx


Hopefully at this stage you will have more information to hand, I hope things arent as bad as you fear. Our minds do go into overdrive at this time and we think of the what ifs but in reality we have to wait for the facts. I wish you well and hope the biopsies show benign growth, all the best


Waiting is dreadful. I hope you get more information soon x


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