Hi Everyone,I wasnt sure whether or not to put my post up considering the things that others are experiencing but I have decided that we all need good positive news and I truly want this to be able to give someone the hope that they need.

Yesterday I went for my follow up appointment,nearly 4 weeks post op and I have been given the all clear.My tumor,though huge,was a 1a and means that by removing it I am considered cancer free.I dont need any further treatment and will simply be monitered for the next 5 yrs.The enlarged liver detected is app.something I was probably born with and should cause no problem.

I feel that I have been given my life back and am so grateful to God as I truly believe that my trust in Him has yet again been justified.I know that not everyone has faith but we all have access to it and I would urge you all to give it a try,you have nothing to lose but could have a lot to gain!!

I only wish that everyone of you could have received the same news I have and that those still under the horror of oc will soon be restored to good health,you are all in my thoughts and prayers

God bless,love Gillyxx

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  • Fantastic news, Gilly!

    I will be absolutely honest and say; yes, I wish I had had the same news, so am just a little jealous; but it becomes clearer and clearer to me that so little is known about this disease at every stage. I was aware that for the first 6 months after diagnosis, I could find virtually no good news about it. Since then I have found many good news stories, and dare to feel pretty optimistic these days! Like you; I reckon that every bit of good news shared serves to give hope to the others who are affected.

    Very best wishes,


  • Gilly that is amazing news! Congratulations. Even when you were down you decided to be positive and to march on which is a great lesson to us all! Am so pleased for you. Francesca x

  • Thank you for sharing Gilly.

    I too have faith and know God was with me throughout my treatment and operation. I was 3c and have been in remission for 16 months.

    God Bless

  • what brill news Gilly it just shows that having faith helps alot and a positive attitude best wishes


  • That is so good to hear, Gilly! It is important to share good news, I think, as for many of us there is some light at the end of that tunnel. The positive approach served you well. I have been ok since 2002 after having borderline oc. I am always conscious of how lucky I am.

    Love, Wendy xx

  • That's brilliant, Gilly. The power of prayer is amazing, isn't it?

    God Bless



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