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My Darling Rosemarie (Coseyrosie)

I write this post at the end of a difficult year when I lost my partner Rosemarie to this terrible disease. Sorry to post this but I wanted to wish everyone well for the year ahead. I also want to thank you for the support you ladies give to everyone with this disease. Every morning Rosemarie would read the postings on this website. This helped her not to feel alone and helped her to ask the right questions and make suggestions for when meeting the oncologist.

Rosemarie was diagnosed with 3C serious Ovarian Cancer (PPC) in November 2014 and underwent first line treatment (chemo and surgery) in 2015. Despite NED at the end of this process the disease returned after only three months. Following second line chemo which started in January 2016 she was able to enjoy the summer and a holiday in Devon. She then started a trial with the Pazfos study in September at Mount Vernon. We were pinning our hopes on this. Sadly the trial was too late and Rosemarie was admitted into hospital in October. With some sort of blockage and a perforated bowel there was nothing they could do and we lost her on the 15th, two years after diagnosis and aged only 66. The nurses were wonderful and I can’t fault the care she received.

Throughout she remained strong and brave, a real fighter. She was always positive despite regular dashed hopes and bad news. I miss her so much but am pleased that I took early retirement in 2015 to care for her. We were able to go on holidays when she was well enough and she was able to see her new Grandson in May.

Christmas has been hard without her and I miss her every day.

Sorry to post this at the start of a new year but I wanted to wish everyone well for the year ahead. Once again thank you for the support you give to everyone. You are all truly amazing and I wish you all the best of luck in the future, and I pray that one day there will be a cure for this disease.

Thank you and best wishes to you all in 2017.


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Hi Phillip. I am so sorry for you loss but thank you for your post and your good wishes. Your emotion is palpable and I know how hard it is to lose someone you love to Cancer ( having lost both parents to it, my father whilst I was going through my own treatment) . Rosemarie was obviously very lucky to have such a caring and loving partner. I do hope you have support especially during this time of year which always makes us think even more so (if possible) of those loved and lost. Sending you a big hug and very best wishes for 2017. Kathy xx


Phillip so sad to hear about your losing Rosemarie. I'm glad you had time to share some special moments together and to build up memories. I wish you peace and as good a year as it is possible to have in 2017.


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Hi Philip,

You obviously were a very caring partner to Rosmarie and she will have been warm and safe in your care for her.

This time of year is emotional as we think of all the people we have lost and it is good to remember the good times and memories, since they wouldn't want us to be sad. I am an only child and lost both my parents within 6 months of each other.It has taken me time to reflect,but I remember them fondly.

I'm sure she took a lot of joy out of meeting her new Grandson,as I do mine,they bring such joy,

I wish you all the best for the future,

Carole xx


I am so sorry for your loss Philip.


So sorry to read of your loss. You were fortunate you could take early retirement to look after Rosemarie and you can look back on the holidays you had with fond memories. By best wishes to you and your family for 2017


So sorry for your loss Philip, I imagine this time of the year isnt easy on you, sending you kind thoughts


Christmas is such a difficult time for many people.Rosemary will always be with you Philip. I wish you the very best in 2017. Thinking of you,



Thank you for letting us know this very sad news.

I hope it will be a comfort that you did a very good job of supporting her through this horrible disease.

Thinking of you and all the family as you contemplate the year ahead.



So sorry for your loss . It's a difficult time - thinking of you and your family. Take care. Sarah Xx


So very sorry that you have lost your wife to this awful disease. Like Rosemarie I get strength from this site and feel less alone but it is always so sad to read that one of us has passed on. It must have been a great comfort to her to have you by her side and I hope your happy memories will sustain you through this sad time. Take care of yourself

Madeline xx

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Hi Philip, so very sorry for your loss, we are all here to support each other and the strain on those caring for us with this damned disease is often underestimated I feel. I am at Mount Vernon having moved from some very poor care at another hospital and have been very impressed with the care, have you used the Lynda Jackson centre, I found their counselling very helpful through bad moments?

A big hug,

Claire xxx


Dear Phillip, thank you for taking the time to write. However long you had together is just not enough is it? You were there for her and you did wonderful things together, being positive together through the darkest times for you both and also sharing the rays of sunshine - your togetherness, your holidays, your grandson. It's a hard time for you however I do hope that your happy memories do bring you some comfort . Best wishes to you too, xx



Hi Philip

Lovely post i lost my partner Vivien in may last year i too finished work October 2015 when we knew things were not looking good so glad i did.It's not easy seeing someone you love slowly slipping away.Still not gone back to work went back in August but had a bit of a breakdown.Looking for a fresh start in the new year.

Vivien knew i was on this site but did'nt want to read any post on here.She handled it her way she pushed me and family away towards the end her way of protecting us.

Yes i miss my Vivien every day and always will.

I liked to wish everyone all the very best in 2017


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So very sorry to read about your loss. I hope that you will find comfort from happy memories and I am glad that this forum helped. Sending you hugs and strength for 2017


So sorry for your loss

Judy x



Sorry to hear of your loss. I was in your position 41 months ago and I promise life does get easier, even though now you probably feel it won't.

My wife also had 3c high grade serous and from diagnosis until her death was around 34 months. As you know it is a rollercoaster of emotions during that period.

I can now look back and remember great times, which was something I never thought I would be able to do.

I guess what I am trying to say is time really does help, it isn't a healer, but in time life becomes easier, albeit different.

Christina was adamant that she wanted me and our girls to get the most out of life we can, for her we are trying to.

Take good care care



Philip, I'm so sorry to read you have lost your beautiful wife. It sounds like she was a very brave lady and one who had the love and support of her family, which i'm sure meant the world to her. I'm also happy to read that you had some quality time together too and managed some special trips. Those memories will certainly help in times of sadness. Having lost my darling Mum at only 64, I know how hard it is especially around the festive period. You are in my thoughts and thank you again for posting.

Jemima xx


Im so sorry for your loss Philip, I want to thank you for being so brave to write to us and tell us what happened to RoseMarie. We all use this forum as a life line and to ask the questions and keep us in the loop with each other as Rosemarie did. I love the way you took early retirement to mind her and I'm sure she appreciated it. I wish you harmony and peace for 2017.



Thank you for your comments. Most comforting. Best wishes for 2017


Thank you for all of your kind, supportive comments. Most comforting. Best wishes for 2017. Philip


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