Good CA 125, three months off - hurray

Been to the hospital today, and though my CT scan results are not through yet (not typed up!!) my count is down to 15, so onc doesn't want to see me for 3 months!. Here's hoping I don't need an emergency appointment - I just wish it was bit more into the year so we could enjoy some heat, but hopefully we will get away in the van for some longer breaks.

Hope everyone else has good news.

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  • I'm so pleased!

    Have a wonderful time.


  • Wonderful news!!!!!! Lets hope this is a good week for all xx

  • Great news. Such a wonderful feeling. Enjoy yourself! Let's hope you've set a trend.

    love Suex

  • 15!!! That's great. Hope you can put it all out of your mind for a while and just relax.

    Love Sarah

  • Fantastic news , long may it last for you.

    Charlie xxx

  • Hi Viv,

    Excellent news. I am so pleased. I hope you have some wonderful times on your breaks.

    Love Lizzie


  • Brilliant news,so pleased for you,enjoy.

    Love Sue xx

  • Brilliant news, so pleased for you.

    Love Anna x

  • Wonderful news.

    Love ChrisR x

  • Geddin !!!! I'm made up for you Greybadger........Good news has a knock on effect on this site , we are all delighted when one of us has that good news and then we give support and empathy when it goes the other way . We are the only ones who can give that empathy,we all understand the worries from one appointment to the next.We don't give each other a telling off for having negative thoughts, we don't do negative do we ? no, we are realistic , our worries are realistic until our oncologists tell us different . Enjoy your "charabanc " Greybadger, eat , drink and be merry .....

    Suzi que xxxx

  • I am so pleased for you. Have a great 3 months - at home or away.

    love Angela

  • Fantastic news !! Have a ball you certainly deserve it !!!! Love Lynn RSA


  • Great news Greybadger! That is two of us this week! Here's to more of us.

  • Wonderful news! Congratulations for persevering - it was worth it!

  • Thoughts and all best wishes with you. Hoping you have much joy and peace, and hopefully find some warmth, on your travels. With hugs

  • Hey there Greybadger and MargaretJ! There are three of us! Anyone else? I had my first 3 monthly checkup yesterday CA125 down from 16 to 12.5 and everything else looking good. Here's to many happy anniversaries and good luck to everyone with checkups on the way. What's a quarter of an anniversary? Cheers anyway.

  • Great news, enjoy. Love Sue x

  • Hi Viv! What great news, enjoy whatever you do but for the moment just celebrate in whatever way makes you feel good :-)

    Love Wendy xx

  • Hi Viv

    Thats fantastic. Enjoy your lovely break xx


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